Garage Sale Coin Haul

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Matthew Kruse, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    Okay, not really a haul, just got a good deal. I got this and a small stamp collection for $15. Not bad, considering the 100 Pesos is worth $15 melt value alone. He couldn’t find the other foreign coins he had so I left my number.

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  3. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    Oh, and I also bought a professional coin counter for $20. Just got it for CRHing and whatnot but it sells for $300 on eBay. :D
  4. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 U.S Casual Collector / Error Collector

  5. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    I've never done garage sales, but maybe I should start. Nice grabs.
  6. derkerlegand

    derkerlegand Well-Known Member

    Nice Mexican plata! I've always thought that French 10 centimes was one o0f the prettiest designs.
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  7. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Let's see the reverse of those Buffs!
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  8. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Storm Tracker

    Only been to a couple myself. But there are definitely people that almost know nothing about coins, occasionally have some they want to get rid of.
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  9. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    I love those big beefy Mexican coins.
    I was lucky to get quite a few of them for a bit less than melt when silver was ~$15/oz.
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  10. beaver96

    beaver96 Well-Known Member

    How about a picture of the counter for us professionals in the peanut gallery.
  11. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    Sadly, both Philly mint. The 1927 is great condition though!
  12. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    I do garage sales for flipping when I have time on Saturdays and sometimes Sunday. (early morning)

    I rarely find coins, although I always ask. In my area I probably find a small coin collection like this or a small jar of foreign coins once for every 20+ sales I go to.

    That being said though, there is always tons of cool unique stuff (and if you have the time and knowledge) lots of room for profit.
  13. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Yeah, I wanted to see the horn on that 1927, even if it's a P.
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  14. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    I love them too. I have four different large Mexican coin designs now, although sadly many of the large Mexican pesos have low silver percentages.
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  15. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    Sorry for the bad photos, I had it on the wrong light setting for coins. Looks much better in person, haha.

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