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    This has always been a favorite coin of mine. I have seen a handful of examples sold over the years. Only a few are in as good a shape as this one and many are missing the gold plug. I always loved it since it is one of the few trilingual coins from antiquity. The counter mark has always been described as a thunderbolt, I think its some type of tamgha.

    Please share your coins of the Sassanian style, Huns, Hephthalites whatever you got, even if you have a contemporary coin please do share.

    VasuDeva of Zabulistan Turko-Hephthalite
    Hunnic Afghanistan after AD 685
    Afghanistan, Kabul
    AR Drachm Senmerv Crown Type. Tri-lingual.
    Nezak (Nspk) Huns Kingdom of Zabul
    Vakhu (Vasu)-Deva, Sub-ruler of Shahi Tigin
    Circa 720-738 AD
    Ref. Gobl Hunnen Em. 244
    31.8 mm x 3.28g.
    Die position=12h
    Obverse: Bust of Vasu Deva right in Persian style. Bull head above crown ; 'thunderbolt' countermark, Gold plug . Brahmi legend in field. Cursive Bactrian Greek Legend around.
    Reverse: Zoroastrian fire altar and attendants. Pahlavi legend in fields, Cursive Bactrian Greek Legend around.
    Note: Countermarked. Holed. Gold Plugged in antiquity.
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    Nice! I picked up an example of this type at the Baltimore show last November, on mine the countermark is a lot smaller and less obvious:
    Vasu Deva.jpg
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