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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by ldhair, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Please don't post them in this thread.
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    Sorry about the recent trouble then,I just post coins.Didn't think it would be a problem so if we switch to a different type I'll just go with it.I don't post the same coin again just a few posts after I did the other.The older war nickels do look really similar to each other so I'll only post my shiny certified examples.

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    Somehow I lost track of this thread for an entire month. Jumping in to make sure I get notifications when I should.

    50c 1951-S full 01.gif

    50c 1951-S obverse 05.JPG
    50c 1951-S reverse 05.JPG
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    These are before / after pictures. An acetone rinse removed a layer of oily film and restored this proof to its original glory.

    All surfaces on the left (before) are dull and often show fingerprints. In my case, the more areas I look at, the more improvement I see. Expanding the animations makes a side by side comparison easier, too.

    50c 1959 PF obverse Before-After 01.gif
    50c 1959 PF reverse Before-After 01.gif
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    Wow! Incredible improvement.
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