Faustina I or Faustina II? where from?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by cmezner, Feb 28, 2024.

  1. cmezner

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    Another worn Roman provincial that I'm trying to attribute.

    Can't even say if it is Faustina the Elder or the Younger nor where it is from. have been searching through all the Roman provincial pages at wildwinds and RPC but couldn't find it :confused:

    A few letters on the reverse could be CKMY .. TIΩN or EKMY .. TIIΩN; a goddess, perhaps Aeternitas, holding something in her r. hand and resting her l. arm on something

    AE 25, 6.090 g

    Obverse picture courtesy CNG:



    Your help is very much needed and appreciated.

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  3. Factor

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  4. cmezner

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    Thank you so very much @Factor. The few letters on the reverse of my coin seem to be a match. Then it is probably Faustina II.
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