Direct printing on 2x2 paper envelopes

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by TIF, Dec 14, 2019.

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    I love this TIF! I'll always be loyal to trays, but this is a truly elegant alternative.

    Phil Davis
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    Hey TIF,
    How sure are we that the chemicals in the sticky part of the sticky paper will not tarnish silver? I have had some silver coins turn much darker in storage, and I can usually smell sticky stuff which means it is volatile. Put a number of those flips together in a safe deposit box where the chemicals cannot dissipate and there will be a lot of chemical exposure to the coins. Can we be sure it will not harm the coins over time?
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  4. TIF

    TIF Always learning.

    No, I'm not sure of anything about this but I'm willing to experiment.

    Also, to clarify again, the sticky stuff is on the carrier template, not on the envelopes. There isn't any discernible residue when I remove the envelopes-- they don't feel sticky-- but of course there could be some chemical traces. The glue stick is applied to the carrier and allowed to dry (volatile components evaporate) before pressing the envelopes to the glued carrier page.
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    She’s definitely amazing! Maybe we could talk (beg) her to create some posters of her extraordinary collections :singing: No hurry, @TIF —before the end of the year ;)
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  6. ancient coin hunter

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    Very nice solution @TIF - I'm probably too lazy to do it but I commend you for this breakout solution to the storage problem. Right now I use 2x2 envelopes and hand write the attribution on the outside. Works, but is hardly elegant.
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