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Is this a ddo or just a standard penny i would love your input, i am aware ut not the highly sought

  1. Yes it looks to be doubled but doesnt match the highly sought after 69s ddo

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  2. No it a regualar strike penny

  3. Looks like it could be send it in and see if it makes the grade

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  1. steve westermeier

    steve westermeier Cancer sucks!

    The 'real' 69-s ddo is such a beauty!
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  3. Terry Chester

    Terry Chester New Member

    I have purchased 2 items through Etsy, neither related co coins, coin collecting etc, and only because, I knew the seller. I am sure just as I have been burned on eBay, I could get burned on Etsy, that’s why you should always DDBYB. DUE Diligence Before You Buy....
  4. Coop76

    Coop76 New Member

    Wow mad input and like i said its my own dam fault i never intended nor did i think i would win the bid actually the the only fool to bid and I coulda got a return but didnt hassle with it when i looked at the posting pic it looked like it t was doubled wnd thats my fault for biddi g my fault for not fact checking the pic of this coin to the coin in the book and well that been long ago over 1 yr at this point and i was had maybe that the reason i held on to it and this guy still selling coins on Ebay and he has to know previously that the coin in fact was not ddo idk.I know i had a choice and I chose wrong lesson learned however i gonna try and contact him if at all possible not for a refund at this point but to point out he us wrong anx its hella shady to do people like that, reguardless i had a choice but tha k you all i appreciatd all the responses reg ut ardless if it wasnt what i wanted to hear its what i needed to hear thanks I appreciate much
  5. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    It could be that the seller didn’t know at the time and might have been embarrassed to reach out. You just contacting the seller might elicit different responses and perhaps one of embarrassment and a willingness to make things right. So you may want to see how the seller responds before dousing them in cold water. Good luck.
  6. Get a refund and use the money to buy a book on punctuation.
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