CSN (Collectible Shopping Network)?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by CoinCollector15, Jan 17, 2009.

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  3. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    No and never will buy a coin on TV.
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  4. 900fine

    900fine doggone it people like me

    Forget about it. Run, do not walk.
  5. tekhen

    tekhen Member

    STAY AWAY FROM INFORMERCIALS AND TV COIN SHOWS... the prices are :eek:! Although, they are funny.

    Again, typically the best place (pricing) is locally and then a few outfits on the net.
  6. covert coins

    covert coins Coin Hoarder

    I agree with everybody on here. No coin channel or infomercials that sell coins at prices never heard before...
  7. I wasn't planning on buying from the infomercial but is it just as bad to buy from the website?
  8. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    you can do what you want with your money, but I will not buy from them. Even if offering price were very low (which it is not) I would still be suspicious.
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  9. Indianhead65

    Indianhead65 Well-Known Member

    Coins = good
    Coins on TV = bad
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  10. tekhen

    tekhen Member

    Yes, they are one in the same.
    1) Overhead: they have to pay for air time, shipping, credit card fees, telephone/ on air representatives etc. All that is passed on to you.
    2) Hype: " the next time we sell this coin it will be more expensive"... "There's only 300 graded in 70"... you should know the entire history of the coin not just it's population from a certain TGP.

    Here's a little assignment...
    take the proof sets you were looking at.
    call the local dealer you posted and compare the price to the shows (don't forget to add shipping)
  11. quartertapper

    quartertapper Numismatist

    I don't think you're supposed to buy coins from TV shows. It's entertainment. Listen to the poor coin terminology and interesting descriptions. It's like me explaining how a nuclear reactor works.
  12. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    Say What?????? [​IMG]

    No no no no no no no no never buy coins from the TV rip off's!!

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  13. bhp3rd

    bhp3rd Die varieties, Gems

    When you gain more

    As you gain more knowledge through legitimate venues, this site, reference books, grading books, numismatic books and hands on experience you will be able to discern fact from fiction. Virtually every other word out of the TV coin shows spokesman mouth are fabrications, hyped up wishful thinking and promises that could never be proven let alone realised. They are, on average looking to make 5, to 10 - times profit with their products and sometimes more. Time and time I've been at the local shop when elderly folks who bought this junt decided to let it go. I have seen the sad look on their faces when the coin shop owner tells them it is only worth face value at that and stamps almost nothing.

    The very best place to buy coins is ("after you have studied some, and bought some books") a local shop where you can get to know, respect and trust the owner and by going to shows to see multitudes of material that are available there. You can soon discover that any gem can be AU-58 or MS-67, plus the reverse is true a "dog coin" can be an AU thru MS-62. When you fully understand what I just said you will be on your way to learning to grade a coin for yourself and can pick the one that both fulfills your needs and stands up to grade.
    I own Lincolns in AU-58 that I would not trade for MS-63 (to keep for myself) coins in the slab. Just because the alphabet boys say it is don't make it so. When you see a coin you like you will know it and 5 years from now what you like will change as you become more sophisticated and knowledgeable in your learning.
    Mr. Bowers is one of the most if not the most knowledgeable authorities in this country and quite possibly the most knowledgeable coin expert of all time bar none - he has stated many times the value of knowing a strong crisp strike on a lessor graded coin can be and often is a much more desirable coin even though the higher graded slab says different and cost much more.
    There are so many fine points to this hobby, (like the one above) that it takes some time to digest these things for yourself, but trust me "when you know you know" and it will be worth it.

    Ben Peters
    The Knoxville Coin Show
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  14. Coinman1980

    Coinman1980 New Member

    I just bought something from them and I opened it and the great quality of 1884 and whatever year the other Morgan silver dollar was it doesn't matter because they were so scratched and nicked up I didn't even want them. I just called them up and told them I'm sending it back and to cancel the other 2 orders that hadn't arrived or been sent out yet. The guy that they have on the show does get you all excited about what he's talking about but he's talking up the value and grade of the coins. At least they give you 30 days to return whatever it is that you buy.
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  15. JPeace$

    JPeace$ Coinaholic

    @Coinman1980 , good lesson for you and you were smart to return them. Please resist the urge to buy from the TV coin shows. If you continue to watch the shows, when they're hawking something, look up the same item on eBay. It's very rare to get a good deal from a TV coin show. Don't forget, they all add shipping and handling too.
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  16. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    I have seen the CSN infomercial on in the middle of the night on CNBC. Their pitchman is Mike Mezak of HSN infamy who apparently has found another outlet (he's still selling on HSN, too) to peddle his overpriced and misrepresented wares.

    Other than to watch for laughs, don't let your wallet get within a country mile of that guy.
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  17. Cascade

    Cascade The Blind VAMmer

    Hey I love coin show! Just not the tv kind :facepalm::yack::greedy:

    On a different note... That hsn guy has sold his numismatic soul
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  18. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Since he has been selling overpriced stuff for 20 years, I doubt he had a numismatic soul to begin with.
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  19. mnhooligan

    mnhooligan New Member

    One thing to note here...I see him always making claims on coins to be a certain grade like ms64 ,ms69 ,ect ect and they are just sitting in the open on the table while he holds them up,clanks them togather....Nobody dose that!!!..if they are not in a NGC graded case...then he dose not have a clue on the grade...any single coin you buy,you must send in to get graded..(which cost money)..Dont ever take his word for it,,EVER..
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  20. spenser

    spenser Active Member

    NO!!!!! Don't buy from TV. Go to ebay. Plenty of nice sets there. Look around and take your time.
  21. swamp yankee

    swamp yankee Well-Known Member

    May very well be a marketing branch of Fung Chow Coin @ Eggroll Corp.
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