[CLOSED] LordM Giveaway #73 (win a large cent... IF you've never owned one before)

Discussion in 'Contests' started by lordmarcovan, May 3, 2022.

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  1. Taxman

    Taxman New Member

    Entry Post

    I've never had the pleasure of having a Large Cent in my collection but I would like too!
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  2. Avatar

    Guest User Guest

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  3. Nyatii

    Nyatii I like running w/scissors. Makes me feel dangerous

    Entry Post
    "On my honor, I have never owned a Large Cent"
    (Do I have to fight the cats for it if I win?)
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  4. usmc 6123

    usmc 6123 Active Member

    Entry post I have never even held one and I only collect one-cent coins. Thank you for giving it away.
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  5. Hookman

    Hookman Well-Known Member

    AQUAKID !!
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  6. DeanC12

    DeanC12 Active Member

    Entry post
    I have never owned a large cent before. Thank you for the contest.
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  7. Phil's Coins

    Phil's Coins Well-Known Member

    Entry Post! (do not want to win)
    Hi Rob,
    I have been a member for a few years and I am always amazed at your giveaways. I am sure they make CT readers very happy. IN THIS CASE, I do not want to win for fear of starting me in another direction . It is all I can do to concentrate on my current collections.
    Thanks for what you do.
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  8. Mark Kerner

    Mark Kerner Member


    I've never owned a Large Cent.
  9. UncleScroge

    UncleScroge Well-Known Member

    Oops, just realized I actually do own a Large Cent in my US Type Coin Set. Therefore, count me out.
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  10. DarrellerraD

    DarrellerraD New Member

    Entry Post:
    No, I do not own a large cent
    Thank you for the contest
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  11. GoldBug999

    GoldBug999 Well-Known Member

    Entry Post

    I have never owned a large cent, and I've never even held one!
  12. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    some day I'll find it and try to take a picture
  13. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    I'm amazed!
  14. AZSteve

    AZSteve Well-Known Member

    Entry Post
    I don't halve a large cent (which would make it a 1/2 cent?)
    No large cents either.
    Some would say, no sense at all!
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  15. Hookman

    Hookman Well-Known Member

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  16. DonnaMarie

    DonnaMarie New Member

    Entry post!
    I have never owned a large cent before,
    Once again, thank you @lordmarcovan
  17. paddyman98

    paddyman98 I'm a professional expert in specializing! Supporter

    I've metal detected 2 of them.
    So I can't enter this contest :(

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  18. gdsnguru

    gdsnguru Member

    Entry Post
    As I do own a large cent (1847) I would like my entry post to go to a young numismatist of your choice.
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  19. Michael Kretz

    Michael Kretz New Member

    entry post
    Never owner a large cent
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  20. Stevearino

    Stevearino Well-Known Member

    NOT an entry post. Just want to thank you, Lord M, for your continued generosity and promotion of our hobby.

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  21. scsterry

    scsterry New Member

    It would be an honor for this coin to be my 1st Large Cent.
    Thank You.
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