Check out this 1997D Lincoln!!!

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by jessash1976, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    Got some rolls from the bank earlier and tis one has taken my attention for the last hour or so. It has doubling on the top of the 7, "LIBERTY" is really doubled good. Especially on the T and Y! The MM looks like it has a split serif on the top left of it, IGWT has a slight double to it. Some of the letters more than others. "IN" is doubled on the bottom part. "WE" has doubling on it. More so on the letter "E". the top, middle and bottom of the right side. I really don't think it is MD, but some people will say so as usual. "LIBERTY" has the best doubling, but my worst pics. It seems to be doubled on the top all the way across fo rthe most part. What do you guys think? There are ten pics, but I can take more. Some like I said are blurry, and I can retake if necessary:hail::hail::hail::hail:

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  3. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    Rest of 1997D

    Pics. Hope they help!:eek::confused::):computer::hatch::goof::smile:kewl::bigeyes::crying::rolleyes::mouth::mad::eek:hya::whistle::cool::desk::stooge:

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  4. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    sorry, but I don't see anything.

    The mark above the T is where the copper plate was scraped aside, possibly from the die.
  5. just coins

    just coins New Member

    I concur with the Treas
  6. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    Here are more to help...

    You can see the doubling on the top of "E", and the thickness on the "TY" in LIBERTY. There is doubling on top of the T too, but I hope this helps. In the other pics, you can tell that the 7 is double don top. there is a slight doubling all the way down the 7 on the left side. The whole top of "LIBERTY" is doubled slightly. will post more if needed.

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  7. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    Perhaps closer pictures will help. I see what could be die deterioration on those letters.
  8. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    does die deterioration cause letters to be doubled?
  9. yorkiedad5

    yorkiedad5 Senior Member

    I wish they would go back to the old way so we could get close up pictures in. I dont know what they did but now it is very hard to get close up pics up BILL
  10. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    Let me try that;
    coin1918S 006-1.jpg

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  11. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    Seems like the close-up thing is working.
  12. yorkiedad5

    yorkiedad5 Senior Member

    let me ask this. when you click on a picture to get a close up, does the picture go up into the upper left corner for you/ or is it only on my computer that this happens/ every was fine till a few days ago. Im wondering if I did something on my computer that this just started happening. Thanks BILL
  13. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    When I click on my photo it stays centered but enlarges quite a bit. When doing the same on jessash1976's photo's they are centered but do not enlarge.
  14. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    I think it has to do w/program I use for pictures. I use Phototags, which is a cheap program. I am going to try using a different program because you can not see the detail in my pics that far way:mad:
  15. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    I use Picasa 3.
  16. coop

    coop Senior Member

    When I post images all I get is the link to show up in the thread. When I post, you can see the image in the submit box but not on the thread.
  17. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**

    I zoomed in the pics on my' PC and I see the doubling! I think that all of the doubling is Machine (Strike) Doubling. For some reason, when the Die struck the area of the "7" in the Date the second time, it hit solid...pinching off a little bit of the crossbar. However, when the Die struck on the left side of the coin the it appears to have been tilited and the letters in "LIBERTY" appear more thicker like a smearing effect but if you look very close, you can see that the Primary Letters are thinner than normal. Therefore, I believe that all of the doubling is Machine (Strike) Doubling!

  18. foundinrolls

    foundinrolls Roll Searching Enthusiast

    There is no doubling of value on this coin. There is a combination of other types though.

    I see die deterioration doubling as well as some plate shift doubling as well as some places that appear doubled because of breaks in the plating and there is also machine doubling.

    It is an example of a really poor piece of production from the Denver Mint:)

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