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    What follows are some general observations and tidbits that I found interesting:

    ~The online preregistration was a nice touch; I bought the pass yesterday night (paid via PayPal), saved $5 ($10 vs. $15 in person), and was able to skip the bigger line and go straight to a separate table where a person scanned the pass and handed me a tag to enter.

    ~There was a decent crowd waiting to enter prior to the 10 AM start (smaller than what I have seen on the first day of this show but that is to be expected).

    ~I started on the second floor in the “budget” section…this was a new idea for this year to give people a chance to purchase tables at a lower rate. I made a quick tour of the area (seemed to have about 10-15 dealers) and did not see anything too exciting. This area reminded me of some of the small local shows in the area. There was only a handful of people walking around and not much activity (although that could have changed since this was only 10 AM). I do wonder how the dealers in this area did. One would have to go up a floor from an area outside the main bourse so I’m not sure how many people made the trip. Heritage also had a viewing area several doors down, so maybe that helped get a few extra people to explore this room.

    ~The main bourse was larger than prior shows. There were a handful of empty tables (no signs on some, so maybe they weren’t ever occupied) and some empty space that could have housed more tables if there was demand to further expand the show. Overall the area was full and the majority of dealers were still there Friday morning (second full day but third day overall). I did hear one dealer mention that two days was enough for a show and he was ready to head home but in general it seemed most weren’t leaving yet.

    ~Another new feature of the show was a wholesale dealer to dealer area in the corner. I saw some action going on there. This seems like a good idea for those dealers so that they can be on their own and not cause confusion when their tables are mixed in with the rest.

    ~There was also a currency and world section marked off in the back-both of these were fairly small (about two aisles total). Quite a few dealers outside of this section also had world and currency but I guess it is nice to have a section where you have dealers that are exclusively currency or world (I heard one of them in this area say that he has a coin from every country but the US for sale).

    ~I noticed one unusual table where the dealer had a picture of the coin taped over the slab. So you could not see any coins (without taking it out)-just the picture of the coin. I found that a bit odd. I liked the idea of getting a photo of the coin but I would think seeing it and having the picture under the slab would be a better idea?

    ~I was able to cash out my tuition! Years ago I mistook a ½ oz platinum coin for a 1 oz version and bid as if it were the larger size. Of course, I won it at above market value and it has sat reminding me to be more careful in the future. Well I was looking it up before the show and noticed that greysheet bid had increased quite a bit lately (to a level above my cost). I decided to take it along to the show and at least try to break even. I did even better, scoring a small profit! Had I spent the money on something else back then, I would be better off; but still, getting out of a poor buy is a nice feeling. And no, I don’t plan on buying any more ½ oz platinum coins for 1 oz pricing.

    ~I also sold three nice coins that had not been moving online; one I discounted a bit more from my ask but the other two sold for slightly more than what I had offered them for on the forums and IG (sometimes seeing a coin in hand and/or finding the right dealer at a show works out better than the BST, IG, or eBay).

    ~I did not find any interesting old or unusual holders to purchase (saw some rattlers, PCI, ACG, Hallmark, white NGC but none drew my attention or they were priced too high). I also did not find anything from my “Stans” set; I was actually surprised to see one Tajikistan silver coin (raw with box and COA) but the price was $395 and I already have that spot filled with a cool looking coin that cost me $75 (plus grading fees).

    ~I saw plenty of toners; Morgans are my main focus and lately I have grown fond of ASEs. Several dealers had the typical moon money prices while others were more reasonable. I saw a few similarly toned ASEs and the prices ranged from $500 to $2,000. I did pick one up that was fair at today’s market rates.

    ~Overall it was another good show. It’s always fun to spend a day with coins. And being able to buy and sell some pieces makes it even better.

    Link for video:

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  3. Inspector43

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    @ddddd Thanks for the report.
    Is that 1990 from the Bullion Grade coins or the Uncirculated Grade?
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  4. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    In 1990 there were only two types of ASE-bullion and proof. All the bullion are "MS" (mint state / uncirculated) and all the proofs are "PR" (this is a bullion version-not a proof).
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  5. Inspector43

    Inspector43 Celebrating 75 Years Active Collecting Supporter

    Thanks for the feedback. And again, great report.
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  6. Hiddendragon

    Hiddendragon World coin collector

    I went today too. I didn't even realize there was an upstairs area. I actually spent all my money at three dealers and once it was gone I wasn't really interested in looking around. I thought I found some good stuff at good prices. My purchases were all world coins from bins. A few dealers I'd stop and look at prices on a few coins and quickly move along. I'll never understand how some people can be so uncompetitive compared to others at the same show but still sell stuff.
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  7. lardan

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    Great report, made an interesting read.
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  8. Publius2

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    Thanks for the detailed report. I have never heard of using a photo to cover the coin. And I can't imagine what possible purpose it would have. But the longer I live, the more weird stuff I come across.
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  9. ddddd

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    I did notice several bins and people were intently looking through them, including some young kids (which is always nice to see).

    And I also just scanned some tables and quickly moved along after seeing the prices. I'm not sure either why people would pay more for their items when it is something generic and can be found at another table for less.
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  10. ddddd

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    It's the first time I have seen it and did not understand it.
    The dealer was not at the table when I passed by, so I would not have even been able to ask to see a coin if I wanted a closer look. I will say that I noticed the table and stopped to look-so maybe it is just a way to make the coins stand out from others?
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  11. Hiddendragon

    Hiddendragon World coin collector

    When I see a dealer and all their world coins are in brand new, neatly labeled 2x2s in boxes in alphabetical order with individual prices you can bet it's going to be overpriced. What I'm looking for is the can of loose coins with a homemade sign that says $1.
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  12. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    That is the sweet spot.
    I recall one dealer last year that had a bin that was not organized but did have prices on all the 2x2s and it was overpriced (each coin was $7 to $10 when I would expect $1-$3 each).
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  13. Dimedude2

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    I went yesterday and today and I thought the organization and show was outstanding. Very nice people and they had great items. IMO for me it was better than the ANA!
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  14. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    I also prefer the location in Schaumburg to the ANA in Rosemont (parking is closer and free, which is an added benefit).
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  15. Dimedude2

    Dimedude2 Member

    I found Rev1826.jpg Obv1826.jpg this nice bust
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