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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by David Atherton, May 19, 2022.

  1. David Atherton

    David Atherton Flavian Fanatic

    This coin took over three months to get to me from France. The package accidentally was sent to Spain by La Poste where it spent most of that travel time. Perhaps it was clubbing in Ibzia? At any rate, I'm glad it finally arrived!

    RPC1670.jpg Domitian
    AR Didrachm, 6.91g
    Rome mint (for Cappadocia), 93-94 AD
    Obv: AYT KAI ΔOMITIANOC CЄBACTOC ΓЄPM; Head of Domitian, laureate, r.
    Rev: ЄTO ΙΓ; Club
    RPC 1670 (37 spec.).
    Acquired from Odysseus, February 2022.

    Near the end of Domitian's reign, the mint at Rome struck silver drachms and didrachms for circulation in Cappadocia, all of which can be dated to 93-94 AD. They can be distinguished as Rome mint issues by their style and 6 o'clock die axis. This fairly common didrachm features a club on the reverse, an attribute of Hercules.

    Please share your coins with a Hercules theme or any that took a wayward journey to arrive.

    Thanks for looking!
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  3. jb_depew

    jb_depew Well-Known Member

    Very nice portrait! I'm glad it arrived safely.
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  4. Abramthegreat

    Abramthegreat Well-Known Member

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  5. DonnaML

    DonnaML Well-Known Member

    I'm very happy for you! You give me hope that the coins sent to me from Germany and Spain a month ago or more might arrive someday.

    Your coin reminds me of this Hadrian didrachm of mine from a few decades later:

    Hadrian, AR Didrachm, 128-138 AD, Caesarea, Cappadocia. Obv. Laureate head right, ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟϹ - ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ/ Rev. Club, handle at top, ΥΠΑΤΟϹ Γ ΠΑ-ΤΗΡ ΠΑΤΡΙΔΟϹ [ΥΠΑΤΟϹ Γ = COS III, 128-138 AD; ΠΑΤΗΡ ΠΑΤΡΙΔΟϹ = Pater Patriae]. RPC [Roman Provincial Coinage] Vol. III 3109 (2015); RPC III Online at ; Sydenham 280 [E. Sydenham, The Coinage of Caesarea in Cappadocia (1933)]; Metcalf, Caesarea 280 [Metcalf, W.E., The Silver Coinage of Cappadocia, Vespasian-Commodus. ANSNNM (American Numismatic Society, Numismatic Notes & Monographs) No. 166 (New York 1996)]; SNG Von Aulock 6422 [Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Deutschland, Sammlung Hans Von Aulock, Vol. 3: Pisidia, Lycaonia, Cilicia, Galatia, Cappadocia, Cyprus, Imperial Cistophori, Posthumous Lysimachus, Alexander tetradrachms (Berlin, 1964)]; Ganschow 178d [Ganschow, T., Münzen von Kappadokien, Band 1 Konigreich und Kaisareia bis 192 n. Chr. (Istanbul 2018)]. 21 mm., 6.02 g. Double die match to CNG E-Auction 110, 16 Mar 2005, Lot 134. See

  6. Ocatarinetabellatchitchix

    Ocatarinetabellatchitchix Well-Known Member

    Nice acquisition and congrats for your patience.

    To my knowledge this is Domitian's first trip to Spain!
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  7. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Well-Known Member

    That's a lovely coin, @David Atherton! Very attractive toning. Very well-rendered engraving, too.
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  8. Jay GT4

    Jay GT4 Well-Known Member

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  9. The Meat man

    The Meat man Supporter! Supporter

    Very nice coin!
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  10. Terence Cheesman

    Terence Cheesman Well-Known Member

    Ole Well not quite but this coin does have something of a Spanish theme.
    Vespasian Ar Denarius Tarraco Mint 69-70 AD Obv Head left laureate. Rv. Libertas standing facing head left holding pileus and sceptre RIC 1339 3.10 grms 18 mm Photo by W. Hansen vespd28.jpg Last December I won this coin in an auction held in Spain. As they were not going to even ship the coin until January I elected to count it among the coins for this year. They ship time passes. A month goes by No coin I am getting concerned:(. Contact vendor. They will launch an investigation. Two weeks nothing much. Go into my local drug store which is also my local post office. They have a package for me. Interesting... Its the overdue coin.:woot: I did not get a delivery notice and so the coin could have been sitting there about two blocks from my place for almost a month. :shifty:No partying for this coin. No doubt after coming from sunny Spain then experiencing the frigid weather that only February can bring to my part of the planet, once the coin got into a nice warm place well baby its cold out there.:eek:
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  11. David Atherton

    David Atherton Flavian Fanatic

    Fantastic coin Donna! I love the ornate club, very stylish!
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