Belgian Congo.

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Siberian Man, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. stldanceartist

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    This is my example of the 1943 2 Francs...for about 4 more days, and then I'll pass it on to another collector:

    Belgian Congo - 1943 2 Francs.jpg
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  3. Muzyck

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  4. lordmarcovan

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    What's more interesting and fun than a coin with an elephant on it?

    A hexagonal coin with an elephant on it.
  5. LaCointessa

    LaCointessa Supporter! Supporter

    This guy? @Siberian Man? Or is this Leopold II's father? The date appears to be 1852. (Sigh! I'm having serious issues attaching images)

    Belgium obv.JPG

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  6. chrisild

    chrisild Coin Collector

    The guy on that coin is Leopold The First (Léopold Premier) who was Belgium's first king. It was his son Leopold II who, until 1908, "owned" the territory - assisted by people such as Henry Morton Stanley and "legitimized" by the Congo Conference.

    The inscription "Roi des Belges" (King of the Belgians) hints at an issue that the Belgian kings had: They were not kings without an oath to the constitution and the parliament's approval. That still applies today, except that these days pretty much every king or queen around here is a representational figure, embedded in a democratic system. In Belgium at the times of Leopold II, not too many people - neither in parliament, nor in the general population - shared his colonial enthusiasm. His "way out" of this problem was that idea of a personal colony ...

    In 1908, the extremely unpopular Leopold II "sold" his colony to Belgium due to domestic and international pressure. One year later he died.

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  7. jlblonde

    jlblonde Señor Member

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  8. jlblonde

    jlblonde Señor Member

    Here's a few Congo coins I have:

    5 C - 1887.jpg
    10 C - 1911.jpg
    Congo, Democratic Republic - 1 Likuta - 1967.jpg

    Ruanda-Urundi - 5 Francs - 1958 DB.jpg Belgian Congo - 2 Francs - 1947.jpg
  9. Hiddendragon

    Hiddendragon World coin collector

    Awhile ago I was browsing eBay and happened to see one for sale. I bid on it and was going to send it to you if I won, but alas, I didn't.
  10. NLL

    NLL Well-Known Member

    I have always had a fascination for this coin. I'm not sure if I will ever find one though.:(
  11. Electron John

    Electron John Active Member

    I too have been wanted to get one of these 1943 Belgian Congo 2 Francs. Grabbed this one on Ebay for $30. Really beautiful and fun coin.

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  12. Siberian Man

    Siberian Man Senior Member

    1 franc 1949, brass, weight - 2,48 g., size - 19,2 mm, thickness - 1,15 mm, mintage - 15000000 pcs. Such coins were released 1944, 1946 & 1949.
    25.jpg 26.jpg
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  13. Muzyck

    Muzyck Ain't never caught a rabbit. A good friend tho

    Acquired two new Congo coins this week. Here is the elephant. A Congo Free State 1988 unc 1 centime arrived the same day from a different seller.

    Belgian Congo 5 Franc 1947 obverse.JPG
    Belgian Congo 5 Franc 1947 reverse.JPG
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  14. Muzyck

    Muzyck Ain't never caught a rabbit. A good friend tho

    From the Zaïre period

    Zaire 10 Zaires 1988 obverse.JPG
    Zaire 10 Zaires 1988 reverse.JPG
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  15. Siberian Man

    Siberian Man Senior Member

    Early Zair.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
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