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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by FmrFiatFollower, Mar 18, 2020.

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    Hello, All:

    It's been a while since I've posted...I've been (relatively) successfully coin roll hunting for almost 10 years now...Like many I've seen the lulls, but I've also had some successes that were memorable (two boxes on two separate occasion had about half of each roll with a mix of 40% and 90% silvers...those sorting with me were squabbling over who found the most, and I had to laugh as there have been many times that I sorted dozens of boxes with nothing to shore for it. I used to stagger orders and shipments with multiple banks over the course of the week, and had arrangements with a separate bank to give me cash upon deposit. I effectively used the same $10,000 to order roughly $50,000 worth of coins per week and I wouldn't pick up the first sets of boxes until the final order was in shipment on the others to ensure I didn't sort the same material. During a two year period, I amassed well over $500 FV of silver, over a short period of time. I finally hit a wall with it in 2014 and gave it up for some time.

    But, like a meth addiction (or so I'm told), I thought about it often and couldn't fight the thrill of the hunt. I've been doing it consistently for the past two months and I've noticed some big changes over a my few year hiatus, including that the banks in my area will no longer order me the quantities they once were, nor do they have the capacity in their smaller vaults (more like strong boxes these days).

    I've managed to set-up a reoccurring order for 8 boxes every Monday, which is the largest order I could secure from any bank or CU nearby, and have secured an account with a separate bank who will let me return the sorted coins, providing cash on the spot...I'm fighting the urge to do what I used to do and scale it over multiple banks, but don't want to risk doing too much too quickly and having the banks refuse service. I've had good success so far, finding around $60 in FV over the last month. Last week I found two successive boxes which contained a mix of silvers, but also nearly every proof from 1969-2007 (including the 1970-S, which is the second 1970-S I've found). So up sprung a new collection for me...circulated proofs! I've only for a few of the more modern ones to get, and a few gaps in between!!!

    I've never been one to hide my intent, with the tellers at the bank, or someone who genuinely expresses an interest in coins. I'm not worried about the competition of sharing it with others, and over the weekend shared the experience with my boss, his wife, and children who were interested in learning how to do it. We pulled $10 FV in silver out of the 8 boxes, including a 1964, and a 1943 Walking Liberty half, which was the find of the night (my boss found it). By the final box, his boys were feverishly grabbing coins out of the box as if it was the last scraps of food in a post-apocalyptic world.

    I know the initial inclination is to keep the secret to yourself, but the older I get, the less concerned I am with concealing it, and the more I'm interested in making sure this type of enjoyment (CRH, and numismatics) can be taught to younger generations. I'm sure some of you will completely disagree, but to each his own. It brought a lot of fulfillment to share it with them and to see the joy on their faces when they found some treasure!
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    Man, it has been a long time! Welcome back!
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    8 boxes a week and a dump bank happy to pay you immediately with cash?


    I'm jealous. Anything more than one box has eventually led my banks to stop and I have to move on to another one.
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    What? You've been to busy CRHing to talk to us? Welcome back.
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    Glad you are back CRH and posting on CT! I understand your desire to share your success with your boss and family. However, you are likely to impact your future success by creating competition IMHO. More so if you live in a smaller city, than in a larger one. I don’t mean any offense, but glad you don’t live near me. :D Nonetheless, I look forward to your posts and wish you the best! ;)
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