Anyone here collect Notgeld notes?

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by tulipone, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    I found my turning point was buying a stamp stock book to keep them in and make a scan when they arrive. Easy to shuffle around and compile sets. Admittedly I am still at <1000 so still a starter!
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  3. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the German-English dictionary. You already know that loads is written in low German and can be difficult to understand ('now wot I mean mate!). I have found that a decent print of medieval gothic lettering also helps.
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  4. Art Wilkerson

    Art Wilkerson Member

    Here are some references:

    A9B25FE6-F45D-4671-9D90-D79479687B03.png 7EC5E0D0-6BFE-43A7-A5CA-F43CB62A1828.png G 0B13BF29-560F-4572-B746-E885A6A64F1A.png

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  5. Art Wilkerson

    Art Wilkerson Member

    And one of the reference books. This is Volume 4.

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  6. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    At least they are worth as much as used stamps...:) I have a few and like them
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  7. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    I can't see the bear putting up with more of that
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  8. Art Wilkerson

    Art Wilkerson Member

    They have a set for Deustche Papua New Guinea also.
  9. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    It looks 'painful' and Germany didn't accept most for too long.
  10. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    This is part of the appeal for me. I can be looking at £40 plus for a 6d that I would want and just a few £s for a bundle of these. They satisfy my desire to organise, catalogue and read up on - and obviously different to each other to the casual observer (my wife says that my 6d all look the same)! I doubt that they will ever be worth more than I paid for them but fun to collect none the less.
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  11. chrisild

    chrisild Coin Collector

    The entire series (from Rinteln) is about Münchhausen stories. This scene shows how Münchhausen once caught a bear by putting lots of honey onto the drawbar. The bear would eat and eat, thus being impaled step by step, and finally M. simply had to fix the bear with a peg. :)

    The other notes from that series are encouraging rather than reproachful. I suppose that the allusion to the 14 Points on this one had something to do with the idea of self-determination that obviously did not work with regard to the territorial questions. But that is just a guess ...

  12. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    I thought that I'd post the other two in the series that chrisild kindly referred to. Thank you so much for the additional information also. The 1 Mark is the same as 10pf.

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  13. George McClellan

    George McClellan Active Member

    The value of a particular Notgeld at the time of its issuing
    might be determined by comparing its issue date...
    to the exchange value of the RM on that date.

    The necessity to make change, for banks to "tote" to the penny,...
    would give a meaningful but temporary utility to a timely Notgeld issue.
    ...especially, 1917-19 (Heck, 1916 to 1921!)
    ...and 1922-23 for "Notgeld" denominated in double zeroes plus...
  14. Dave L

    Dave L Junior Member

    You'd like the set from Itzehoe that states the prices in 1913 compared to 1921. It brings the inflation aspect home pretty quick. Here's one of them.
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  15. lettow

    lettow Senior Member

    Notes from Bielefeld are also known for their biting commentary.
  16. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    I have two favourite 'sets' right now - from the loads I have. Both I am really pleased with as, as ever, the notes look nicer in hand rather than scans. The first today is a series from Sonneberg featuring toys. Hope you like them as much.

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  17. Alok Verma

    Alok Verma Explorer

    I wish to increase my collection of banknotes. Can someone guide me about site of world banknotes ? Thanks in anticipation.
  18. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    Here is another example of inflation between 1910 - 1920.

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  19. chrisild

    chrisild Coin Collector

    Keep the k, gimme a ß. ;) That one is from Greußen, Thuringia.

  20. tulipone

    tulipone Well-Known Member

    Yes - I really need to learn how to get that on a UK Mac keyboard. I am sure there is a way....!
  21. Oldhoopster

    Oldhoopster Member of the ANA since 1982

    Some of the interesting social/economic commentary issues from my collection n2.jpg n3.jpg
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