Anyone ever tour the BEP in DC?

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by jwa_jwa_jwa, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. jwa_jwa_jwa

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    Ok maybe I should have been more careful with the wording. I didn't realize a different 'state senator' role existed. When referring to US Senators, we've come to know that each represents a particular state. So if I'm from NY and I'm looking for tickets to the White House tour, I would attempt to communicate with the US Senator representing the state of NY --- currently Sen Gillibrand or Sen Schumer. Therefore, my reference to the 'state senator' was in that context.
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  3. krispy

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    fyi: Online references

    I just wanted to share some other relevant online references for the Washington D.C. B.E.P. tour. There are some great behind the scenes images worth checking out:

    Behind the scenes with the next-gen $100 bill from [7/01/2010]

    ===> Be sure to check out the 25 images in the related photo galley to the CNET story with additional captions.

    Cutting sheets of $100 bills [YouTube video link]

    Ultimate Security Printing
    [YouTube video link]

    US Capitol & B.E.P. Tour [YouTube video link -- BEP starts at the 2:30 min marker, The Travel Channel

    ===> Direct links to the Bureau of Engraving & Printing, Department of the Treasury:

    B.E.P. Tours Washington, DC

    B.E.P. Tours Fort Worth, Texas
  4. mac266

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    Indeed you are correct. However, keep in mind the State of New York (and every other state) also has its own legislature. The state legislature (49 states have legislatures modeled after the US one, the other is unicameral) makes laws only for that state. The folks who serve in those roles are referred to as "State Senators" and "State Represenatives" for the purpose of avoiding confusion with US Senators and Reps. That's why you shouldn't use the wrong term.

    Here's a Wikipedia article about New York's:
  5. jwa_jwa_jwa

    jwa_jwa_jwa Senior Member

    That's a great explanation mac. I can see why it would cause confusion to those that happen to know there are 2 different types of 'state senators'.
  6. eealopez

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    I lived in D.C. for about 7-1/2 years and did the tour. It was fun and interesting for me.

    You forgot to mention the gift shop had a bag of shredded bills totaling a Million Dollars! I didn't buy it -- because, like you said, the items were so overpriced -- and I was dirt poor at the time.
  7. jwa_jwa_jwa

    jwa_jwa_jwa Senior Member

    You know, I actually don't remember seeing that. Yes there were some bags of shredded currency, just not recalling a million dollars worth. it could be I had lost interest by that point :)

    When I visited the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia earlier this year, as a parting gift, they gave us a $100 bag of shredded currency.
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