2021 Secret Santa Sign Up

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Seattlite86, Oct 31, 2021.

  1. john65999

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  3. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    266279886_1277318042767175_4205564605269580208_n.jpg 267936901_463576198700393_4964513301580996487_n.jpg 268495281_1277466132739166_6787335655315303118_n.jpg 266286989_431018405430468_8726995261845769956_n.jpg 269777261_430537585413982_6303873867085647807_n.jpg and more... very happy of my newest acquisitions..merry christmas, happy yule tide and hanakuh kwansa whatever, merry everybody and everything and peace to all and all a good night
  4. Lem E

    Lem E Well-Known Member

    It is officially Christmas day here so I went ahead and opened my CTSS gift. First let me give a big THANK YOU to my secret santa and another THANK YOU to all the other CT members for letting me be a part of this. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this community. My secret santa did an excellent job and I couldn’t ask for better gifts. A smorgasbord of nickels that will go into a special section of my collection.


    First we have a couple raw vintage nickels.
    B8138E36-EA41-43F9-B64E-2D208D56EF43.jpeg 7BE0C74E-676A-42F3-BF4A-98EC575F1875.jpeg
    Next we have a nice ICG slabbed nickel from 2005.
    Last but not least, we have this beautiful Ron Landis piece with some background information. (Thanks for that info BTW) This piece is a mule using the obverse die of the gold version and the reverse die of the silver version making this even cooler than the regular version. 1/4 oz of .999 fine silver. I have always wanted a Ron Landis piece and now I have one.
    I am more than happy with my gifts and the generosity of my CTSS. I thank you and I am glad I could be a part of this. Happy Holidays to all of you.

    Thanks again,
  5. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well, a member signed up but was late in providing an address. Brandon sent out a post saying this. A day or two went by and I inquired if anyone had responded. Negative. So I told him I'd be willing to send another gift. And here we are...
  6. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

    Roosevelt really said bye to that planchet...nice off-center strike.
  7. Gilbert

    Gilbert Part time collector Supporter

    My Secret Santa gifted me a 1943-P wartime nickel and 1944-D NGC graded cent, both of which I am grateful to receive. Thank you!

    9017F404-3C5C-44AB-A079-B6931F87D865.jpeg D47208CF-085B-4EA0-90F1-E18331DC8F90.jpeg D05562F8-D2D4-42BB-B331-7927770A7BB5.jpeg
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  8. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

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  9. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    I marvel at the thoughtful nature of all the Secret Santa's this year, and mine is no exception. Words cannot express my gratitude for such a lovely gift........

    DSC_5320-horz.jpg DSC_5320.JPG DSC_5321.JPG DSC_5322.JPG DSC_5325.JPG

    Thanks Santa.........this is the first variety I've ever gotten regarding classic commems. _DSC0295.JPG
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  10. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

    8F60F4DC-BD2C-4CC4-9268-D8CDDA930F1D.jpeg 31DD670E-C9B5-424A-8E5F-9CFF3BEF8CD5.jpeg 0A090AA5-A85B-4E8A-B8C8-DA8A99B03FBE.jpeg C96C0507-623C-411D-B48D-339D126A1202.jpeg A3516855-EABD-4379-A928-905F14D46FAE.jpeg EA99A06F-42B6-4476-B190-97CDA3AF0C17.jpeg 11BBE48B-1CEA-4AF7-A81D-FAD256B5F893.jpeg 3FB27CC9-D058-4C6D-9E03-0A16587DC66E.jpeg WOW! Santa was good to me. Several proof sets and a 78 mint set AND a bust dime. Thanks santa!! I love the cameos on that 78 proof set!!!
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  11. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

    The ghirsh is beautiful! With my side quest of collecting German States coinage, that wildman is a type I'm looking for as well. Nice coins.
  12. bruthajoe

    bruthajoe Still Recovering

    Besides the items, the kind words and thoughtfulness of my SS, and others, is a testament true to the spirit.

    And yes to my SS. It does. Thank you. I really love the coppers! And of course the silver and candy bars and token and mints and 2x2s and all. You are too generous.

    I never thought I would say I liked "Mint" chocolates.

    Merry Christmas everyone and God bless.

    IMG_20211224_200323.jpg IMG_20211224_200258.jpg IMG_20211224_200547.jpg IMG_20211224_200426.jpg IMG_20211224_200227.jpg IMG_20211224_200152.jpg IMG_20211224_200244.jpg IMG_20211224_200239.jpg
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  13. dchjr

    dchjr Well-Known Member

    Opened my Secret Santa gifts this morning. First one contained two very nice uncirculated coins. 1958 D Wheat back and a Bicentennial D Kennedy. Also with a Bicentennial silver proof set! Thank you Secret Santa #1!

    Next gift was an awesome 2009 Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set. Didn’t have this. Really enjoy the silver Lincoln commemorative dollar. Thanks Secret Santa #2.
    48284144-4265-4207-87B1-37A977DAFC79.jpeg 6F121642-CC45-411E-B5CC-1596A8406950.jpeg
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  14. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    Almost forgot to open my gift this morning because it was in a different room.

    Received a Ike dollar and Roosevelt inauguration medal.

    SS 2021 01.jpg

    Thank you Santa
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  15. Rassi

    Rassi #GoCubs #FlyTheW #WeAreGood

    I received a wonderful note as well as a 1971 Kennedy to fill out my collection!!! Thank you SS for the thoughtful present!!! PXL_20211225_173953676.jpg PXL_20211225_174028680.jpg PXL_20211225_174021451.MP.jpg
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  16. mikenoodle

    mikenoodle The Village Idiot Supporter

    My SS did a bit of research. Although my gift came with homework, I don’t mind at all. Thank you SS!!!

    I recently started working for Harlan J Berk as a professional numismatist. After 2 years on the US counter, Aaron and I decided to do a podcast on ancient coins, which I know almost nothing about.

    We decided to put my learning on display for the world to see and maybe learn along with.

    I’m sorry for the long-winded post, but I wanted to explain why this gift was NOT from Secret Saturnalia on the ancient side of this site.

    3F9DF60B-8507-4896-BF2C-76554CB53DBB.jpeg D35D8A3F-9107-46D7-B053-961638782F30.jpeg
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2021
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  17. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas Everyone and thank you SS for my wonderful gift. I collect US Mint and Proof Sets and did not have the 2020 Innovations $1 Coin Proof set until now.

    Perfect gift thank you SS :)

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  18. mikenoodle

    mikenoodle The Village Idiot Supporter

    Love that New Jersey Dollar!!!
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  19. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn Supporter

    Thank you Secret Santa,

    the coin/currency supplies will come in handy. I was just looking at large size sleeves so you save me from having to purchase them! Already filled the dollar coin holder with airtites I had stacked in my safe. They were always falling over so this will help immensely. Always appreciate some silver! :D and the other coins will gladly join the hoard.

    Best Wishes ~ Darryl


  20. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

    Wow, I really like that dollar coin tray. Now I need one!
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  21. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

    This gift arrived first so I decided to open it last! I love proof coins. The two PF69 coins are perfect. The 1982S proof set will go nicely along side my other proof sets I've acquired as I didn't have it before. I was shocked by the lack of a dollar coin in it because I forgot there was a hiatus of this denomination being minted. But to be honest, I like the mint medal they replaced the SBA with more than the dollar coin anyway. Thanks Secret Santa! Polish_20211225_125817045.jpg Polish_20211225_125802391.jpg Polish_20211225_125909918.jpg
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