2021 Secret Santa Sign Up

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Seattlite86, Oct 31, 2021.

  1. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    I have a Christmas Confession! Twice now, I’ve been weak and tried to open my gift early. Each time, my Secret Santa foiled my plans with another, unexpected layer. Well played Santa, well played! Gift still (technically) unopened. :)

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  3. Gilbert

    Gilbert Part time collector Supporter

    You’re supposed to be setting an example, Brandon.:):smuggrin::rolleyes:
  4. sonlarson

    sonlarson World Silver Collector

    I had out of town family visiting for the last week. They are all headed home this morning, so we opened gifts last night. Just me alone on Christmas day. My Santa sent me an assortment of World coins. At one time I had a very large collection of these, so I very much appreciate the coins I was sent. A few years ago I showed my collection to the son of one of my cousins. I was surprised last month to find out he was bitten by the coin bug. He developed the disease of coin collecting! He only 8 years old and has been visiting coin shops and coin clubs to expand his knowledge and add to his collection. I have been going through my coins in preparation to ship him several coins and material form my horde. I plan to send him these because I know it will greatly add to his excitement and add another element to his collecting fever. I know Santa will also be happy to know that these are going to a young numismatic and keep this hobby alive. Thanks Santa! 2021-12-07_143852.jpg Document_2021-12-07_143650.jpg Document_2021-12-07_144037 (2).jpg 2021-12-07_143401.jpg
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  5. Rushmore

    Rushmore Coin Addict

    I've been good haven't opened #1 yet USPS is delaying #2.
  6. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    We are celebrating Christmas at a different location, so I opened my gift today. Santa sure did their research! I’ve got an awesome assortment of world and error coins. I’m pretty excited about this, thank you so much Santa!! Merry (early) Christmas to everyone!
  7. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member

    I was lucky enough to be the recipient of 3 Santa gifts this year. In order to not hijack the thread with copious back to back posts, I decided to open a gift a day with the final one being on Christmas. Today's gift was actually the most recently received. Santa included a 1959 proof set, but the envelope is sealed.... What do I do? Open? Leave as is? I love older proof coins before the laser etching of dies and polishing creating uniform cameos because I like the all over mirror effect of these coins without contrast of fields and devices.
    And lastly, but not leastly, a 1909 Barber quarter in AG. This arrival marks the first barber quarter in my collection, though I don't dislike the series, the only barber examples I own are dimes. Their 25¢ compatriot is a welcome addition.
    Thanks to this secret Santa for the gifts and the thoughtful note.
  8. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 U.S Casual Collector / Error Collector

    @Joshua Lemons
    IMHO. I would open it. You never know. There could be an error!:smuggrin:
  9. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    I would definitely open it. What fun would it be to not see it ?
  10. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member

    I was already leaning this way. Y'all twisted my arm. Opened the side with a razor blade and slid this baby out. I'm a sucker for OGP. A standard proof set. The cent is especially nice, but as you can see, the nickel appears a bit darker than the rest of the coins. Normally I'd blame it on toning, but the other coins have no toning at all. I checked the edges and they are dark too. Could this be a Black Beauty? Since this is a pre 65 set, the nickel is the only CuNi coin, did the nickel tone while the silver coins stayed bright or could it be a sintered planchet?
    Polish_20211224_024513904.jpg Polish_20211224_024434400.jpg
  11. Bradley Trotter

    Bradley Trotter Well-Known Member

    I received mine earlier this week and opened it quite promptly (I guess excitement got the better of me). Needless to say, it would seem that my Secret Santa obviously did their research considering the subject matter of this medal. For those who don't know, I earned my Eagle Scout back in 2017, and it is something that I am immensely proud of personally, and I would like to thank my Secret Santa for recognizing that. However, if there's one thing, my Secret Santa, whoever you may be, could have easily shipped this in a more thrifty manner.

    Secret Santa Medal Face.jpg
    Secret Santa Medal Reverse.jpg
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  12. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

    Zoid is happy to report receipt of his Secret Santa parcel several weeks ago, right after Thanksgiving IIRC. Like all parcels I receive, I requested delivery to my office.

    I am unhappy to report that the unboxing and reveal will unfortunately occur in the New Year.

    I resisted temptation to open early this year. In the interim Covid paid me a visit which has me recuperating fortunately, but quarantined until at least the middle of next week.

    Because nearly 50% of our office contracted this strain, no one is allowed back into the office until they secure a negative test. The facility will be shut down all of next week, so first opportunity to get to the gift will be right after New Year.

    Thanks in advance Santa.

  13. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

  14. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    Here are my SS gifts and one I gave to myself for Christmas. The one I gifted to myself is a 1922D Peace Dollar. I bought it back in September to set aside for these holidays.

    My SS gifts are way more than I would have dreamed. Not only did I get this fantastic book showing excellent coin choices for a top 100 selection but great photos and information on each, but I also got eight Lincoln cents in round plastic holder (I love these. 7 are business strikes and one is a proof. They range in years from 1949-1960. The proof one is 1957.

    Also, I was gifted an ANACS PF69 DCAM 2019S Eagle (the details and surfaces are amazing), a 2016 Brittania (always wanted one of these silver 1 oz rounds, I love the design), a 1971S brown Ike Proof and a 1852 silver three cent piece. The three-cent piece was the first type of US Coin I purchased, back in the 1970s, so this is very special to me to have another one this year, too. It is quite worn but think of all the times this one was used in its first years in circulation just to buy postage or how many people would have handled it.

    The pic is not good. I am using my phone camera (not good at using to take pics of coins) and I am in between doing Christmas activities with friends and families so no real time to try for better yet. I am looking forward to delving into these coins better and learn more about some of them.

    Also, two cards with really nice messages inside from my two SS's. I am so happy, thank you.

    Christmas coins 2021 quick.jpg
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  15. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member

    My second gift arrived from the state of Colorado and fittingly contained two Denver mint products minted 42 years apart. Also included was a nice card! The top item is an XF 1962D quarter. The bottom, a Denver mint uncirculated roll of the peace medal design nickels from the 2004-2005 westward journey series. The uncirculated roll is my first of such a mint product and is housed in a clear screw top tube, where I plan to keep it. The ends are already turning that nice Golden color that nickels tend to acquire. Thanks Santa!
  16. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer A Caretaker, can't take it with me

    I received my CTSS gifts a couple of weeks ago. I waited as long as I could. Thank you Santa's helper. This is most definitely a gift I will treasure. These are my first two foreign coins of any significance or distinction. Here's the reveal of SS#1 gift:


    Ethiopian obverse:


    Ethiopian reverse:


    Wildman obverse:


    Wildman reverse:

  17. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer A Caretaker, can't take it with me

    And CTSS#2 sent a great gift. I've been humbled by the generosity of my two SS's. Thank you Santa's helper! Here's the reveal of #2:



  18. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    I’m definitely a fan of the Ethiopian coin. Very nice! :)
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  19. CoinJockey73

    CoinJockey73 Well-Known Member

    And i was thinking that "Wildman" looked pretty cool! Excellent gifts.
  20. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    how did you get 3???
  21. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    i am utterly delighted on the gifts i got from ss (secret santa) anyways here is the reveal.. i regret that i did open it when i got it, but the first coin i saw was a morgan dollar, and i knew i did not have any coming (i get from 2-15 packages a day from all the error coins i buy, so i put it aside till tonight (midnite) christmas day i opened it, here are the goodies, the dollar i believe is au?? it has so much luster, but i do believe it is worn, what do you morgan collectors think??? i did not see the other items till tonight!! 269707114_1091022108350410_7193073707920061939_n.jpg 267143932_677177399938520_1472762899896071735_n.jpg 267369636_229346639242134_7109792896069237982_n.jpg 268662420_515572012890231_5628455118451480213_n.jpg 269705631_405766881284431_2034777232928768348_n.jpg 266001858_680685859597685_7790312750506878519_n.jpg 266362326_387494146467645_4596230005314360867_n.jpg 266604598_3113227552331100_4678451195745495646_n.jpg 267168929_964908420786847_3777982978879723183_n.jpg 267201181_446859540223432_1406524333884375939_n.jpg
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