1995 DDO DDR PENNY???!!!

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by David Handlin, Feb 15, 2024.

  1. David Handlin

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    27F91E75-BC87-4D92-B246-C9B56665EC00.jpeg BDE3D138-01CE-42C4-8858-4F1459475E6E.jpeg All,
    Hello can someone please tell me what is going on with this 1995 penny? On the obverse notice a perfect circle above the artist name. Looks to be punched. Is this post damage?? Also it looks to me like on the reverse that CENT has doubling. Liberty seems to have doubling on the obverse as well. 7C78FC7D-51C4-4CEC-9986-7EF2524A69DF.jpeg 35EFB4A5-475D-4C0B-9ADB-9FAEFA69AAFA.jpeg Please confirm

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  3. ZoidMeister

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  4. paddyman98

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    Nothing on your Cent has Doubled Die doubling. I don't see any other issues besides circulation wear and a bit of normal Die Deterioration doubling which is considered worthless doubling.
  5. David Handlin

    David Handlin Member

    Ok and what if the circle above the artist’s initials
  6. paddyman98

    paddyman98 I'm a professional expert in specializing! Supporter

    It's a copper plated zinc planchet. Probably a simple plating bubble.
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  7. Rick Stachowski

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    Here's one I own
    Liberty show it the best
    6a-vert.jpg 6a-vert (2).jpg 8h.jpg 8i.jpg 3n.jpg 3o.jpg 3p.jpg
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  8. eddiespin

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    Do you mean like this black thing, you're confused what this black thing is?

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