1968 Anguilla $25 Silver, Number Counterstamped on Reverse

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by 7Jags, Feb 18, 2024.

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    In 1968 (or at least dated so), coins were struck for Anguilla in silver, gold and platinum with the latter two quite rare. The silver, replete with the high relief bust of one Ronald Webster - first “President” is scarce but not rare and occasionally shows up on eBay and other locations.
    The gold pieces all came with a number designation counterstamped on the coin and a Google or other search of Internet will show this & by recall only two have shown in the last 10 or more years (stamped “33” and either “32” or “34”). I have never seen the silver so stamped, but here is one that showed up a couple of years ago:

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    Hmmm.... Were the other silver issues an ounce too? Never know what you can find with world coins!
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    Yes, all the silvers were the same weight at possibly slightly lesser than one ounce - 31 gms. vs. accepted 31.103 gms (maybe that was too many digits to go on the coin). I believe the 100 dollar gold coin was 1.12 oz gold....
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