1952, possible (RPM)?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by yorkiedad5, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. yorkiedad5

    yorkiedad5 Senior Member

    is this an rpm or post mint damage?

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  3. andy21us

    andy21us Coin Hoarder

    It might be one but I would need a clearer picture. As it stands right now I would say bag marks.
  4. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    If you want a better view, tilt it on it's side and take the pic. I always take several pics at different angles to confirm RPM's.
  5. cointime

    cointime New Member

    I don't think it's one if you have to look that hard to notice an Rpm it would be a minor one anyway.I really don't see no splits anyway sorry.
    Frankie Boy
  6. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    You might want to compare it to the 1952D-1MM-019. Check the markers.
  7. yorkiedad5

    yorkiedad5 Senior Member

    best i can do with this camera

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  8. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    It doesn't compare to any RPM's I've seen.
  9. jessash1976

    jessash1976 Coin knowledgeable

    I think it does show characteristics of a RPM.
  10. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Can u post a photo like this????

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  11. yorkiedad5

    yorkiedad5 Senior Member

    will try a little later today
  12. jcuve

    jcuve Lincoln variety fanatic

    A better picture and maybe a reference to a known RPM (could be any series or year) that has a similar characteristic to what you feel you are observing.

    FYI: It is not that hard to find a minor D RPM on fifties coins with small serif notches - they tend to not be listed and are usually deemed too minor but always nice to find.
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