1881 Indian MS64 BN Colorful Toning

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by BigTee44, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I forgot to address that previously. It is very rare to have vivid green and purple occur on an IHC business strike coin, but not so rare to have either color (or a combination of the two) occur on a proof piece. Additionally, I do not like the quality of the green and the way the two colors mingle on the coin. Lastly, this coin was certified between 1991/1992 and 2000 or so and this means it has been in this holder for 15-20 years. It is possible, though not entirely likely, that it has never been tried for a crossover. However, the difference in value between the coin in this holder and the coin in a cleanly graded PCGS or NGC holder is enough that I think it would have likely been submitted at least once to each service in this time interval.

    If the reverse of the slab was also shown we might be able to narrow down the time of certification even more.
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  3. Tom B

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    This is at least the second generation holder after the sale of ANACS from the ANA to Amos Press. This general style with this number of characters in the barcode was used from about 1991/1992 until at least 2000 when it was replaced with a holder that had additional characters in the barcode. Conder101 wrote an excellent book on the subject and I use this book extensively for dating slabs.
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    What's the cost of a PCGS crossover? I don't think NGC will cross an ANACS coin.

    I'll get some pics of the back of the coin shortly.

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    I just wish he'd hurry up and get done with the second edition. 'Course I've only been waiting 3 years or so, if memory serves I waited almost 6 for the first edition :)
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  7. BigTee44

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    AT or not, this is a stunning coin with great luster. As long as the luster beneath the toning cartwheels well and is full; I like the coin and just let the debaters rage on. I think it should sell for well over $200, as long as you capture the luster as well as the beautiful colors in your photo.
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