McBride's Guns Inc.

Discussion in 'Directory' started by Peter T Davis, Sep 27, 2014.

McBride's Guns Inc.
  1. McBride's Guns Inc.
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    McBride's 2915 San Gabriel (30th at North Lamar) Austin, TX 78705

    They do not advertise the coins heavily, but it is about 25% of their floorspace and where I go to meet the VAM collectors and other guys from the local coin club. They are in their third generation. They do inventory their numismatics and they have an array from world tokens through Texas Republic "Red Back" paper money, with the mainstream being US Type, of course.

    Also, they are not ANA members. However, I have bought there many times and I consider them the best coin store in Austin for numismatic items. My most recent purchases (today) included SAEs, a local merchant token, and ten world minors.
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