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Mar 26, 2017
    1. lonsharim
      Hi Mumbapuri, Wanted to let you know that I found a new 50p coin, 2009 minted in Bombay, Clenched Fist. If it reached Bangalore, then its probably circulating in Mumbai as well.
    2. jaceravone
      You are just going to have to move here to America and we will give you a very quick sports lesson. :D
    3. acanthite
      Thanks for stopping by to have a look! I do enjoy the Assam octagonal coins, they are very unusual.
    4. kidromeo
      I am no expert with errors but that's a mint error in my opinion. I am not sure about the nomenclature either. I think I have one or two similar 2 Rupees coins with me in my error coin jar. I find this type of errors very strange coz generally clipped planchets have a portion in arc shape missing from the coin instead of a straight line.
    5. kidromeo
      News source from Bombay mint told me that Aug 19 will see the release of Sister Alphonsa's commemorative coins at a function in Kerala...stay tuned.
    6. kidromeo
      Hey the 2 Rupees Louis Braille coin ain't bimetallic; just normal steel. The only bimetallic commemorative coin released so far according to Krause is the ultra rare Lal Bahadur Shastri 5 Rupees. I don't know if its true. Well we will soon get a 10 Rupees commemorative.
      Well in the last few weeks I am secretly trying to acquire the 2008 dated Ni-Br 5 Rupees coin(Wavy Lines) and 2005 dated 10 Rupees coin but fell short of bucks. I'll again try next month.

      And get your facts right Mumba; you probably missed your meds tonite.:D The Asiatic Cheetah is still purring in zoos of India. Heck one was recently captured from a remote village of Assam. But sadly their population is so low that scientists are contemplating cloning them.
    7. kidromeo
      Hey Mumba. Congrats on your find. What took you so long?
      BTW my trip was to Guwahati and not Calcutta.
      I bought poly bags of new 1 and 2 Rupees coins. Also bought used pack of 50 paise coins for searching. I haven't gone through it yet but I already found some 95, 97 and 07 issues and lotsa 08 in it.
    8. cherylkubucko
      I am here today. Thanks cheryl
    9. kidromeo
      Hi Mumba. Did you check my site today?
      As you might have noticed I have introduced member's photo gallery feature there with unlimited storage option. Feel free to upload coin pix if you wish.
      Also thought of asking you whether the 10 rupees coins are freely available in Bombay's mainstream circulation.
    10. kidromeo
      Hey did you vote? I just voted for the first time today. Gotta love the great Indian election pageant.
    11. kidromeo
      Good to hear from you Mumba.
      Since you are hoarding com. coins from circulation, why not expand your collection by swapping those with foreign collectors like I do. I added 100 new coins to my collection this year and 150 more are in transit. I'm now concentrating on African and Oceania nations as I think they are more hard to get than Asian and European ones.
      BTW added anything interesting in your collection?
      Take care,
    12. kidromeo
      Hi Mumba. Wats new?
      I'm back after a long lull of no posting.
    13. jaceravone
      We need to find you an AVATAR. Im getting tired of looking at that question mark all the time.... or maybe that IS your AVATAR! LOL!
    14. jaceravone
    15. jaceravone
      Unfortunately, I don't own any Indian coins. I owned one, and then I mailed it to Spock. That is how we became friends. I know Spock has been trying to get me to collect Indian coins, but I really haven't had an interest. Last year was the first year that I ever collected foriegn coins at all. I don't know if I want to make this a habbit. There is enough US coins to keep me busy for the rest of my life.

      About the gold Washington comm reverse that you like.... well there is a story behind it, but you will have to wait till later until I can find more time to discuss it. It is a really neat story and you can probably.... with some luck.... google it and find it. I will get back with you. :) Joe
    16. jaceravone
      Me too!!! I can't remember if I told you, but I am having some work done to my house and my coin collection is packed up and put away. Not easy to get to. Trust me, I have been really depressed that I can't get to work on my stuff. I haven't been buying any new coins lately except for the coin show last week. I really added to my unc Washington quarter collection. I can't wait to complete that set. Maybe someday I will get that up. I actually looked for that San Marino coin for you last week, but there was only one dealer who had foreign coins and he didn't have any. When some new stuff goes up, you will be the first to know. Take care and see you around CT!!!
    17. jaceravone
      You are too kind. Thank you. It is an honor.
    18. temmy24k
      helloo ^_____^ are you from India? hey i want some items from there to buy, i have viewed from eBay India, they were paintings made of gold foils...but the price was so expensive..i'll buy them when i have additional money...what's your job?
    19. temmy24k
      hello mumba...^^
    20. cherylkubucko
      Hello Mumbapuri gm- stands for Grandma Froggie and the 99 stands for first Granddaughter born (August 99) and other grandmother- passed ( Oct. 99). She was known as Grandma Cookie. Cheryl
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