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Coin Fanatic, from Portsmouth GB......

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Jan 26, 2019
    1. WeirdFishes
      Hi there JeromeLS, much thanks for taking the time to check out the 54-D Roosevelt dime and posting in the thread. I am still new to the world of collecting. I started about 6 months ago but have made only a 3 or 4 purchases. I spend most of my time reading, trying to learn as much as possible. I will say that I am having trouble figuring out what coins or series of coins I should focus on. Consequently I find myself hunting for the highest quality coin I can afford rather than a particular coin for a set. Do you have any thoughts for a newbie like myself on how to begin collecting (aside from reading and looking)?
    2. Eps
      Since I can't pm you, how much do you want for your british/ Canadian 16 to 20 century?
    3. Billy Kingsley
      Billy Kingsley
      I am not honestly sure...Sorry!
    4. Billy Kingsley
      Billy Kingsley
      I paged through a copy of his book at CoinFest. Very informative! lots of large, helpfull photographs, a chart of every Pope, possibly including the current Benedict (I'm not sure when it was printed). It's definitly on my to buy list!

      I wish I had more chance to look over what he had at the show, by time I got to him it was near the end of the day and I was pressed for time, and by then, cash too :) Earlier there was too large a crowd and I couldn't get close enough to his table to see what he has!
    5. Billy Kingsley
      Billy Kingsley
      I saw your posts about Papal coinage. I'm sure you have already heard of Allan Berman but he does quite a bit with Papal States coinage...he wrote the book on it, and sold my my first this past October, a quattrino from 1724.

      Highly recommended, from me at least!
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