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    1. pale ridder
      pale ridder
      Dear sir. Your email to me was after i thought about it right on the money (pun intended) ppl here dont know me yet and i have a strong will, and a odd sense of humor ( i work in a prison thats where i get it from) but still no reason to offened anyone! So with that being said i WAS WRONG! AND I AM SORRY for my behavor.
    2. dukester
      Hello hontonai,
      You are dangerous to people as gullible as me. I just read you SOS explanation in morse code. I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure how this thread came together. Then I started to laugh...much harder than I should have as it started to hurt. You are hard on my body and good for my soul. You are truly a very funny man.
      My brother(15) and I(13) share this account, and I am happy to be able to answer this contest.
      The euro first circulated in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Spain. The date was December 31th 1998. It was on the market on January 1st, 1999 the next day.

      The reasons were because...those nations were the main trading nations, and needed a consistent currency because (JUST LIKE IN America, post Civil War, we had Southern money and Northern money) every nation had its own currency.
      Or was it because they just felt like they needed a change?
      Or maybe that they were testing the euro to see if it would work, as a trial?
      I am guessing, but was the change of currency because some nations wanted to differentiate from others.
      My birthday is January 5th, 1996.
      Thank you,
    4. NOS
      Please, dear brother, don't get involved with this WG thread. I am not serious about most of what I'm saying in the thread. I know that they are watching the entire thread from their homebase and being the drama queens that they are, they can't help but get consumed by my postings!
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    Ethical conduct is being honest when no one is watching.