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Mar 29, 2017
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Fred Weinberg

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Jun 21, 2024 at 2:41 PM
    1. Alex G
      Alex G
      i recently discovered a Lincoln cent that has a memorial reverse and weighs 2.5 grams! it may be a struct through coin, yet I know of no Memorial cent that weighs 2.5 grms, outside of the 1982 Zinc coin that were minted that year. It's not a Zinc cent in that its center is exposed. I've posted photo's should you care to look at them and assist the community and myself in attempting to identify it. Thanks.
    2. Joy Matherne
      Joy Matherne
      Was wondering what I should ask for these off center struck and clipped Blanchett's? Ok I cant seem to figure out how to upload pictures.
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      2. Fred Weinberg
        Fred Weinberg
        My email is:
        Contact me and we can talk about your errors.
        Feb 25, 2020
      3. Joy Matherne
        Joy Matherne
        Did you get my email?
        Feb 25, 2020
    3. Robert Harmon
      Robert Harmon
      Fred can u weigh in with more specifics as to the physics behind this anomaly, e.g. "metal flow". And is it a keeper? Thanks
    4. Willysilver
      Hello my name is Willie Silver's I would like to send you some pictures of this Kennedy half dollar that I have if you could look at it for me and tell me what you think thank you
    5. u812?
      I remember sending him a picture of a possible die crack on one of the obverses of a coin in a three coin 2006 20th anniversary ASE set and he said he did not see anything wrong with it and would not have anything to do with it. Thank you for nothing!!
    6. Kentucky
      Just wanted to express my gratitude for you joining us. Thank you.
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    7. Ditto
      I posted on 5/6/17 a 1977D Washington Quarter with an unusual ring on the obverse only. I can tell you it is not a stain or discoloration. Not sure what I have or don't have.
    8. Tommy Barrios
      Tommy Barrios
      fred i did not mentioned my collection are ddo1 dubled tripplrd ect stamped
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