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Aug 26, 2011
Jun 25, 2010
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What A steal, from New York

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Aug 26, 2011
    1. 50cent
      I have left the coin collecting hobby so I will miss everyone but i'm into birds now so by
    2. 50cent
    3. tmoneyeagles
      Happy Holidays to you as well friend :)
    4. 50cent
      are the links suppose to be coin are pictures you have taking
    5. rexesq
    6. acsf89
      trick or treat & happy halloween
      from your friend: acsf89
    7. 50cent
      wow thats sad
    8. rexesq
      Both of these injuries, the busted leg, or broken beak would be a death sentence most wild birds in the desert, or anywhere, but since these ones have lived near our home, on our acres of land, and with our constant water supply and seed for them, they have survived much longer than they would have otherwise. Both these birds were/are completely wild, just stopping by my yard for the birdbaths and seed. When I see a woodpecker with a broken beak, I always wonder how that happened.....
    9. rexesq
      Howdy, seen any interesting birds or animals lately? I saw a small, young Western Diamondback Rattlesnake just a few days ago, nearly stepped on the little guy. I got photos of him, I haven't uploaded them yet. With the albums being screwed up, you can't even see half of my photos on here :( and I don't really have a gallery or website where I can display all my animal shots. Also, on the bird watching front, we have this Curved Bill Thrasher (a very common bird around here) with a broken leg, I mean seriously broken.... it is dangling, and flops around when he hops on the other leg. But we have been seeing him for several months now, and he is surviving well with the serious injury, and has learned to land on one leg fairly well, and he/she can hop on that one good leg very fast. We have had a female Gila Woodpecker with a broken beak that used to hang around the hummingbird feeders, she was very pretty, and it was nice to see a bird I could recognize, since they all look the same.
    10. 50cent
    11. L-Train

      You need to grow up if you're going to be a contributing member of this forum. You, quite frankly, shouldn't even be here until you're at least 15 years old. You absolutely lack the maturity required to handle a presence here. For examples, I can only point you towards the threads you've started. Go play in your sandbox, and let the big kids and adults talk about stuff you won't be able to solidly grasp for many, many years.
    12. chip
      Hello 50 cent,

      you asked how things was going, they were going real well, we took a vacation up on lake superior, but when I got back my work car had a flat, I went to get it fixed and they found the rear tire had broken a belt, ( I thought the wobble was from the slow leak tire), then last night as I was about to set down and search some penny rolls for a 1969-s doubled die, our soft water conditioner got something stuck and started pouring water into the cellar, I did not get the plumbing rerouted and the water up and get to bed until after 5 this morning.

      Aint ya sorry you asked? So let me know how 50 cents is getting by, hope better than my last couple of days.
    13. 50cent
      Man my profile has been quite quiet latley
    14. 50cent
      Giants won boo-yaa
    15. 50cent
      I am excited today my favorite football team faces off with another favorite right now halftime Giants VS. Panthers
    16. eealopez
      I sent the prior message to the whole group. --Elisa
    17. eealopez
      Can we get the Lincoln talk group going again? --Elisa
    18. jaceravone
      Who are you and why did I get this message?
    19. 50cent
      y u so sad david
    20. 50cent
      There is no prize its just for fun
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