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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by petro89, Mar 29, 2011.

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  3. Mat

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    A new Parthian coin I picked up.

    Sinatrukes (Gotarzes I) (95 - 87 B.C.)
    AR Drachm
    O: Bust of Sinatrukes left wearing tiara ornamented with horn and row of stags.
    R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΑΡΣΑΚΟΥ ΘΕΟΠΑΤΡΟΥ ΝΙΚΑΤΟΡΟΣ, beardless archer wearing bashlyk and cloak seated right on throne, holding bow in right hand; no border; five-line Greek inscription.
    Rhagai mint
    Sellwood 33.4, Shore 113-115, Sunrise 302
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  4. Mister T

    Mister T Member

    Sure does - the 1987, 1988, 1992 and 1994 Cook Islands sets are almost all the same (the only difference besides the years being the new obverse on 1992 and 1994 50t pieces).
  5. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker the date?
  6. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker

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  7. Jaelus

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    A couple new patterns. Very happy to have found examples of these, as both have a mintage of 10 pieces. Typically 4 are reserved for the national collection, leaving 6 available for private collectors, out of which I have only seen 2 examples of each hit auction. This was my third attempt at securing one of the 100 forint pattern examples.

    Hungary 2019BP Bi-Metallic 100 Forint Pattern

    The coin changed planchet composition from brass-plated steel/nickel-plated steel to copper-nickel-zinc/copper-nickel-zinc in 2019. I also have a couple examples of a vending trial of this coin, dated 2018.


    Hungary 2019BP Copper-Nickel 50 Forint Pattern
    FIE World Fencing Championships
  8. Coinsandmedals

    Coinsandmedals Well-Known Member

    My first purchase of 2021! This new farthing is a marked improvement over the PCGS MS-64 piece that had previously resided in my collection. Currently, it is tied with two others for the finest graded at NGC.

    1806 Ireland Farthing NGC MS-66 BN.jpg
  9. coin_nut

    coin_nut Well-Known Member

    These arrived today from one of my favorite sellers in Prague

    1938 BR 200 r (2).jpg 1865 A DE 2 p.jpg
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  10. PaddyB

    PaddyB Eccentric enthusiast

    A couple of rather different ones arrived a few days ago:

    Essequebo & Demerary Stiver 1813:
    Essequibo St 1813 1-horz.jpg
    Napoleonic Medal for the birth of his son, the King of Rome, in 1811:
    Napoleon 1811 Medal 1-horz.jpg
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  11. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

    Let's put that on a "coin" . . . . . . a "six sided" coin . . . . . . .


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  12. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

    I bought this one, just because . . . . . .

    I just had to . . . . . .






  13. Mr. Flute

    Mr. Flute Well-Known Member

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  14. TheGame

    TheGame Well-Known Member

    As someone who collects by date, it can sometimes be hard to find later dates of certain types of coins, especially lower-value ones that end up being rendered useless by inflation. The pre-euro Austrian 2 groschen is one of these. Most type collectors will probably go for a 1952 or 1954, and most of the coins you see in bulk lots will probably be from between 1952 and 1966. I was lucky to be flipping through ebay auctions the other night and noticed a small lot of them with a couple 1980s dates shown in the image. I won the lot and was happy to find 7 dates I needed for my collection out of 17 coins in the lot. At $3 for the lot, it was a little bit more than bulk value but still a price I was happy with.

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  15. mkivtt

    mkivtt Well-Known Member

    Netherlands, Willem I Rijksdaalder 1816-B MS66 NGC_LR_01.jpg Netherlands, Willem I Rijksdaalder 1816-B MS66 NGC_LF_01.jpg The Netherlands, Willem I Rijksdaalder 1816-B MS66

    Netherlands, Willem I Rijksdaalder 1816-B MS66 NGC_LR_02.jpg Netherlands, Willem I Rijksdaalder 1816-B MS66 NGC_LF_02.jpg
  16. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    More world coins for my "Coins with Insects" collection...

    ITALY 1000 LIRE 1998, with Bee and cool sun...
    ItalyBee B.jpg

    Russia 2017, 10 roubles, bees...
    10 RublessA.jpg
    10 RublesB.jpg

    Transnistria, 1 ruble, butterfly and caterpillar

    Bir Tawil, 2014 ,5 piastres, scorpion...(technically scorpions are not insects, but I will add it anyways).
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  17. coin_nut

    coin_nut Well-Known Member

    A few recent arrivals, including a bee from San Marino

    1266-1287 Delhi S 2 g (2).jpg 1323 Delhi S 4 g (2).jpg 1325 Delhi S 4 g (3).jpg 1419 Jaunpur 1 t.jpg 1865 A DE 2 p.jpg 1974 SM 10 L.jpg
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  18. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

  19. Hiddendragon

    Hiddendragon World coin collector

    I don't buy many coins from eBay anymore but here's two I just picked up. I've wanted one of these Barbados pennies for awhile, and I had to get the leopard after another member here posted he was thinking of getting one. I don't know if he did but I went for it. 1788 barbados 1 penny.jpg 2017 ghana 5 cedis leopard.jpg
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  20. mkivtt

    mkivtt Well-Known Member

    Awesome, I love that Barbados coin! I still want one of those too. A lot of the old Caribbean coins are very nice. Counterstamped, bits and pieces (literally), so much history there. Like St Eustatius, a tiny little rock next to St Maarten, alone has several really amazing bits and tokens and coins, and you can really learn about the significance of each island just by learning a bit more about the coins. That's why coins are so awesome IMO.

    A bit more than that, but I like to think of it as an investment that will one day at least break even (fingers crossed) :)
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  21. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker

    1862 A Prussia Vereinsthaler Polish_20210123_223508622.jpg
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