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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by expat, Mar 22, 2023.

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    Last step before a new century
    1690 - 1700
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    Hohenlohe-Neuenstein/ Grafschaft
    AV Dukat 1697
    Nürnberg Mint
    Julius Wolfgang Graf von Hohenlohe-Neuenstein 1641-98 IMG_0102.JPG IMG_0104.JPG d9b2850df934bcf1f1c7b1f92f5a52f8 (1).jpg
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    Holy Roman Empire/ Silesia
    AV 1/12 Dukat 1690 SHS
    Breslau Mint
    HRE Leopold I 1665-1705 f26e156ae9aaa37a6a165da1b4e86374 (2).jpg
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    Bayern/ Kurfürstentum 06473q00-270x150-resize.jpg
    AV Goldgulden 1677
    München Mint
    Ferdinand Maria I 1651-79
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    France/ Bourbon Kings
    AV Louis d'or 1691-L
    Bayonne Mint
    Louis XIV 1643-1715 Heritage and TPGrader had the coins mint wrong/ they listed it as Limoges/ but L = Bayonne Mint

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    I think it was done to try out the new dies, or at least I'm struggling to come up with an alternative reason. There are other recorded examples for various types, e.g. Peck notes a 1717 1/2d struck over a Charles I shilling, a William III shilling and a gunmoney shilling.
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    1697y shilling with transposed French and Irish shields

    1696 Chester shilling with C over E below the bust and no reverse stops. The former not recorded, the latter only recorded for 1697 at Chester.

    1696 Tower mint shilling with 9 over 6 in the date.

    1694 halfpenny with GV over B in the obverse legend. The engraver presumably thought he was engraving a reverse die before making the correction.
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  15. The Eidolon

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    City of Wiedenbrück, 1692, 3 Pfennig, wheel countermark.
    This is one of my favorite coins and it was only like $5 unidentified.
    I like the enigmatic wheel counter mark.
    City of Wiedenbrück 1692 3 Pfennig wheel countermark copy.jpg

    England, William and Mary Farthing, 1694
    William and Mary Farthing 1694 copy.jpeg

    Korea, 2 Mun, 1695-1742. I think these were uniface.
    These are two different coins of the same type.
    Korea 2 Mun 1695-1742 copy.jpg

    Hungary, 1698, 1/4 Thaler (Ex-mounted)
    Mounted 1600s Hungary 1698 1:4 Thaler copy.jpg

    England, William III, 1698, Groat UK William III 1698 Groat copy.jpeg

    England, William III, Halfpenny, 1699 William III Halfpenny 1699 copy.jpg
  16. sonlarson

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    1695 Austria, Leopold I (Hogmouth)

    1695 Austria 3 Kreuzer(2).jpg


    1698 kreuzer (2).jpg
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    Holy Roman Empire/ Hungary
    AV Quarter Dukat 1698 K-B
    Kremnitz Mint
    Leopold I 4d7e0c9475b9ffda44948baac2dcc0c4.jpg
  18. panzerman

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    Papal States
    AV Scudo d'oro 1697
    Roma Mint
    Pope Innocenza XII 1691-1700 8e569d1f474f804c79b66ffb48aa5c20.jpg
  19. panzerman

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    British India Company
    AV 1/2 Pagoda ND (1654-91)
    Fort St. George Mint
    Vishnu/ Granulated reverse fab83bd6-d475-4816-b31a-dd07df42406d (1).jpg

    according to Zeno there are 2 exs known/ so far unpublished.
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    Another one I forgot...
    Vijayanagar Empire
    AV 1/2 Pagoda ND/ NM
    Venkata Patiraya III 1630-41
    The Vijayanagar Empire South India was the only Hindu sovereign state left in India/ 95 percent was under Mughal Empire (Islamic)
    Also this coin is from famed Dr. Larry Adams Coll./ it was in CNG Auction graded as CH-EF
    Heritage had it slabbed and lo and behold by some miracle it turned into a GEM MS-65!!!!!!! lf - 2023-05-01T075322.285.jpg lf - 2023-05-01T075340.897.jpg
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    Do you know the purpose of the countermark? Something related to Osnabruck?
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