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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by silvereagle82, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

    Here's a new coin I just received today :eek:hya:

    1847 2 Christian d'or
    NGC MS 64

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  3. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Very nice , just a question , are Danish coins on par with US coins pricewise ?
  4. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

    Well I'd say yes kinda sorta.
    I've never really compared but based on this coin I'd say yes.
  5. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    Show us others like this one please!

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Not really, and as a general rule, no, they aren't. Just about any world coin of comparable age and rarity is a fraction of the cost of a US coin.

    This coin for example, the design was issued for a total of 4 years with a combined mintage for all 4 years of 38,000. And this date had the smallest mintage and is the most expensive of the series.

    Now Conrad can tell you what he paid for that coin if he wishes, but it could be compared to a 1847-O half eagle in regard to age, size of the coin, and mintage. And I suspect that more of the half eagles exist today than do examples of this coin.

    Now go look at what a 1847-O half eagle cost in MS64.

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Just click on the link for " The Crown Collection " under his post. You'll see plenty of them.

    And congrats !! Another nice one :thumb:
  8. regandon

    regandon Senior Member

    excellent coin you've added to your outstanding collection :thumb:
  9. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    You're talking a nice new car !!!!!:whistle:
  10. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Silver Eagle , I just looked at a fraction of your world coins , I'd say Museum quality .
    Great job keep it up .
  11. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

    Those figures are for the Christian d'or ... the 2 Christian d'or was issued for 4 years with a combined mintage of all 4 years of 551,000.

    This coin is similar in size to a $10 liberty ... Both 27mm with the $10 being .4839oz. AGW and the 2 Christian d'or being .3827oz. AGW.

    If we assume a mintage of 140,000 for that year (1847) it would compare to a 1848 $10 (145,484) ....... A $10 Liberty 1848 MS64 = $32,000 -$39,000 vs. This coin was a mere fraction of that and with the $10 Liberty piece you don't get two Wild Men guarding the Arms !!

    Now you know why I collect world gold !!!

    Rzage, I don't know about The Crown Collection being "museum quality" ... but I do appreciate the comment ... I know I'm proud of it !!
  12. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer


    I just checked out your world gold collectoin and you are correct, seems that the designs are a bit more interesting and I would imagine fun to collect.

    Congrats on a great new addition.
  13. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    mmmm looks kinda gay to me. Traci :eek:
  14. Siwash

    Siwash Senior Member

    . . . I view it as a kind of male Thelma and Louise! Don't let those guys unsupervised in the woods with hatchets.
  15. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Ahhhh - so they were. It's what I get for reading in the dark :eek: Don't you love when I screw up and make you look good :p

    But the point I was making is valid, that being the value ratio. It is still about the same as in my example.
  16. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    Siwash... I think this ones a sow...Lets make him squeal like a pig...Giggle Traci :eek:
  17. huntsman53

    huntsman53 Supporter**

    WOW! I can't even find a value for the coin in MS-64 but at $32,500 to 33,500 in AU-55, I would love to own handful of them!


    That is an impressive and awesome coin! Thanks for sharing!

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