Which U.S. series is a unanimous favorite?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by kookoox10, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    This is always a tough subject to talk about because of the varying degree of collecting preferences. But if you had to guess what one U.S. coinage series and paper series that 99% of numismatists know and love without questions, which would it be? My personal pick is the Walking Liberty Half for the coin and the classic $5 educational note for the paper, what do you all think?

    And to make it more interesting and multi-conversational, what can the U.S. mint do today to create a new design that everyone will love? Go back to lady liberty designs? Stay with presidential figures? Something else?
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  3. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

  4. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    Really Ruben, chocolate? Is someone fiending for sweets?
  5. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    99% isn't unanimous.

  6. ArthurK11

    ArthurK11 Active Member

    Maybe Morgan dollars?
  7. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    vanilla then but I like chocolate moran dollars in gold foil
  8. Hunt1

    Hunt1 Active Member

    Half dimes, because ruben endorses them obviously.
  9. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    that is a good question. Of course Morgans and lincoln cents come to mind. I think that walking halves have an honorable mention as well as the mercury dime.
  10. giorgio11

    giorgio11 Senior Numismatist

    If it were a "unanimous favorite" you would not need to pose the question. Different people favor different series, of course. But I am pretty sure that more collectors favor, or at least collect, Morgan silver dollars than any other single coin series. Lincolns are probably second. This is based on 50-plus years of experience in the coin market (jeez I'm getting old), plus lots of anecdotal evidence (but no hard data). But yes Walkers, Mercury dimes, and Buffalo nickels are up there too.

    What could the Mint do? Classic designs, uncluttered by all those tacky legends. (I think they blew it with the First Spouse coins.) Yes, Liberty coins, designed by artists not hacks.
  11. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    shh - you'll drive up the costs before I've corned the market

  12. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    I was just thinking actually, what the mint can do to make coins more Interesting is to eliminate the quarter and come out with a cool glow in the dark 37.5 cent piece instead, one that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act by saying "37 and one half cents" when you rub it.

    This will also allow form people to learn to add in 37.5 cent increments:
    37.5 cents
    75.0 cents
    $1.875 and so on

    It will slow inflation with prices like 19.955 confusing people to the point where they get to exasperated to make a purchase.

    And it will help with the 8.875% sales tax

  13. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Lincoln Cents was the most collected series, but State Quarters took over that position.
  14. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    I would think Lincoln cents. Many children start out coin collections with this series. As for currency, I would think the $1 for the same reason. :smile
  15. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    Yeah yeah yeah, in this particular case, I'm sticking with the 99% unanimous ;)
  16. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Hmm, for collectors of the last 100 years I would have to say Lincolns and Morgans. Lincolns I believe are the most widely collected coin in the world.

    Going back, I would say large cents. Large cents really are what started coin collecting in the United States. Anything larger was too much money for most people to afford, (with a cent then being worth more than $1 today), but the discontintuation of the large cent was arguably the event that started more wide scale collecting.
  17. icerain

    icerain Mastir spellyr

    Most likely Lincolns and Morgans. One is easily obtainable in pocket change and the other is big hunk of silver thats also easily obtainable, at least the common dates. As for paper money I would say Silver Certificates and star notes, particularly the one dollar denomination. Its also easily obtainable and if collected in mid grade is not expensive.

    I don't think there is anything the Mint can produce to satisfy everyone. The complainers will always complain. And the people who shun modern coins will always dislike them regardless of design.
  18. largecent37

    largecent37 Coin Collector

    I'd say Morgan Dollars, Buffalo Nickels, and Walking Liberty Half Dollars.
  19. Kirkuleez

    Kirkuleez 80 proof

    St. Gaudens pieces, but I know everyone already has a full set anyway. And definitely the educational notes, they are just gorgeous.
  20. Copper Head

    Copper Head Active Member

    For this forum, 75% is unanimous.
  21. arrowross44

    arrowross44 The Girl with the Coins

    Question #1 is a difficult inquiry to answer.........
    I think you'll find that every collector will have (at the least) a slightly different opinion on this, so finding a series that 99% of numismatists and collectors agree on is virtually impossible..... and as for a unanimous favorite......

    Now, for question number two. I think the US mint should hire some new artists. Some of the new/current designs are fine, I actually really like the penny, the quarters, and the native american dollars. But there are some that need a makeover. Take the nickel for example. The original was fine (a little boring after awhile) and the Westward Journey series was neat, but the latest one? NO! I don't know why but I just don't like the nickel's obverse! It's just, too, I don't even have a word to describe it. And the dime needs a new design. Desperately.I think the US mint could do several things to please collectors; they could go back to Lady Liberty designs/classic designs, hire new artists, or get the public involved in any new designs. It was neat how in Britain they had a country-wide competition to design the Olympic 50 pence coins. Even an 8 year old won! It would be a great opportunity for youngn's and everybody else!
    Oh well. There's my rant.
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