Where are all the 2021 quarters ?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Mojavedave, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. Mojavedave

    Mojavedave Senior Member

    I've been to several banks seeking new 2021 quarters. There response is that they don't have ANY quarters - any years at all. Has the mint stopped producing them ? Is this a ploy for the public to start using the Kennedy's ?

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  3. Mad Stax

    Mad Stax Well-Known Member

    They just popped up here (Massachusetts) this past week. Interesting looking coins, the reverses have a brand new aesthetic compared to prior years.
  4. beaver96

    beaver96 Well-Known Member

    They are out there, it just seems that coins are not circulating at this time. The mint is producing, I picked up a couple rolls at my bank a few weeks ago but now they just have circulated coins. I think with more and more people going cashless that when hard coin is given out that people are just holding it.
  5. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP

    I get them in change every day. I found a 2021 laying on the street today.
  6. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Storm Tracker

    Fabricated coin shortage. Whoever isn't delivering the coins, look there!
  7. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Storm Tracker

    We still mint coins, yes. How the heck can billions of coins go missing. :banghead:
  8. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    I'll send you one if you'd like. :)

    Some areas take longer for the coins to arrive. It could be if you live in a smaller town or if you're farther away from the mints, it depends.
  9. CoinCorgi

    CoinCorgi Tell your dog I said hi!

    I get plenty of Washington Crossing the Delaware quarters in change here in SoCal.
  10. Wizank

    Wizank Well-Known Member

    I am hoarding, I have them all. Sorry.
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  11. 1stSgt22

    1stSgt22 I'm just me! Supporter

    I get a lot of them but tried to get more rolls from a bank I use and they said they didn't have any! They blamed it the transportation problems! IDK
  12. tibor

    tibor Supporter! Supporter

    I save all the quarters I get, I'm OCD like that. I glance at them occasionally.
    Haven't seen anything from 2021 yet.
  13. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    I hate them. I want the 2019 and 2020 and they keep giving me these
    2021 Chuck E Cheese tokens.
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  14. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I get them routinely where I am. If you want a few, Just drop me a PM with your address.
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  15. Snowman

    Snowman Senior Member

    Alot of them seen here in Upstate NY
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  16. AZSteve

    AZSteve Supporter! Supporter

    I don't have a problem getting quarters from my CU, and that has included lots of Tuskegees and a bunch of WCDs.
  17. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Just got my second Crossing the Delaware yesterday, in change.I Figured there would be more out there.
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  18. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    I am using 2 rolls of 2021-D to buy fruit today. As Sprouts is usually
    short of quarters anyway. I hate these CTD abominations.
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  19. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q Well-Known Member

    A lot of '21-D pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters out here in Idaho.
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  20. VistaCruiser69

    VistaCruiser69 Well-Known Member

    I collected a dozen or so of them within a one - two week burst but nothing ever since. It's been a few months since I ran across even just one. Same with the "W" mint quarters. I came across a half dozen of them in a relatively short period of time but nothing at all over the past several months now. I figured everyone is now looking for them and keeping them when they run across them, like I do.
  21. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    I heard they were shipping all of them to Puerto Rico. LOL just kidding.
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