Whats with the new and Uglier coins..

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Goldstone, May 25, 2009.

  1. Goldstone

    Goldstone Digging for Gold

    Whats with the new and Uglier coins..(There are a few exceptions) But really look at a seated liberty dime compared to a Roosevelt. No offense to him because he was a great President in all, but the coin has no eye appeal to me, or take the Nickel even the Liberty (Ugly in my opinion) looks better than the current nickels... What do you think?
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  3. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    I don't know what to think...
    We are just going to keep honoring presidents I guess, instead of ideals, like lady liberty, and freedom :) And things that represent our country
    I'd love to see them bring back something like the seated liberty halves, or the bust halves, the peace dollar...Really anything that symbolizes liberty, lady liberty, some of those coins are hot! lol

    I like the wheat, but don't like the memorial cent at all :)
    I agree, I think a lot of modern coins are ugly
  4. Goldstone

    Goldstone Digging for Gold

    I also would like them to stop makeing coins with worthless materials I Really only collect coins 64' and earlier because of the silver (69' for halves). Btw what would a 1961-S PR66 Dime be worth (PCGS) I like the PCGS price values but they only show MS/Circ. they don't have values for Proof
  5. clembo

    clembo A closed mind is no mind

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remember?

    Now personally, I can't think of any modern "circulating" coin that does anything for me.

    On the rare occasion a "new" design is introduced people that are not collectors hoard them. I see it on a daily basis at the shop.
    People coming in to sell their rare circulated BiCentennial quarters, Ike dollars, Susan Bs, etc.

    I'd love to see some real artwork on our coins like there was in the past but how long would it take for them to circulate?
  6. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    that coin is worth around $20, if it isn't a cameo or anything
    All you have to do is scroll down, all the proof values are right there
    I also believe that we should have silver and gold back in our coinage, like the Norfed liberty dollars..
  7. Goldstone

    Goldstone Digging for Gold

    HAHA figures I didn't scroll down lol and thanks but I got outbid at 5 bucks lol
  8. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Supporter! Supporter

    The material isn't worthless...all metal has value. We can't make coins out of silver anymore because the value of silver is higher than the coin. Back when we made the coins out of silver...the coin had less metal value in it than the face value. Today, some of our coins have more metal value than face value despite being made of "worthless material."
  9. troublesbrewin

    troublesbrewin remember rotary phones?

    The PCGS website list values of a Proof coin at $15 a cameo is $22 and DCAM is $55, but I don't think they were minted in San Francisco. There's no S in my Proof Sets.

    http://www.pcgs.com/prices/PriceGuideDetail.aspx?MS=1&PR=1&c=98&title=Roosevelt Dime
  10. Goldstone

    Goldstone Digging for Gold

    ever think about raising the value of a nickel, then a nickel could buy you a loaf of bread, why not deflate the economy and raise the value of the dollar
  11. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    Well it doesn't work that way. We can't wake up one morning and say "Hey, today this dollar bill will be worth, $5"
    And if we raised denominations on coins, everybody would be confused..That is the last thing we need, more confused people
    I say for now, there is not a whole lot we can do about the situation, as to let it play out, and see where it takes us
  12. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Supporter! Supporter

    You want a small amount of consistent inflation. It's the sign of a healthy economy.
  13. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think the San Francisco Mint made a Roosevelt Dime (proof or mint state) from 1956-1967. The proof sets before 1968 were minted at the Philadelphia Mint. But a 1961 PR66 Roosevelt Dime is worth about $10. PCGS price guide prices are all over the map. They are not very accurate IMO. Numismedia (NGC) is much better with regards to accuracy, but the best price guide is past auction prices realized, IMO.
  14. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    I agree...
    I use a combo of Numismedia, PCGS and the completed listings, before buying any coin
  15. b.j.

    b.j. Senior Member

    I agree with you about the use of former presidents on modern coins. However, the Peace Dollar is still imo the ugliest US coin. It seems as though they wanted it to have a blurry, muddled depiction of Liberty.
  16. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    Really? WOW!
    I consider the peace dollar as one of the most beautiful coins in US history...
    Now, I know what it feels like, when I bash that new ugly lincoln dollar :D
  17. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    Bite your tongue sir. I also consider the Peace Dollar one of the most beautiful designs. Perhaps this coin will change your mind?


    If not, to each their own.

  18. AdamL

    AdamL Likes Silver

    I think you nailed it there tmoney. Our coins started going downhill when we started replacing Liberty with dead presidents.
  19. AdamL

    AdamL Likes Silver

    I agree that we obviously can't go back to making coins out of silver. But I wish we could. I mainly collect silver coins that were meant for circulation, so I have to go with the pre-1965 coins.
  20. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Supporter! Supporter

    I wish we could too...I prefer both the color of silver and the better strike you get with the softer metal. But, we just can't. I collect the same thing.
  21. sweet wheatz

    sweet wheatz Senior Member

    I think that the designers have lost creativity, or are their hands just tied trying to please too many people at once. They would rather have safe designs instead of great designs.
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