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Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Rob_0126, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Rob_0126

    Rob_0126 New Member

    Im new to the forums. Ive collected coins on and off for years since I was a kid but never really got into it heavy.

    Well, I want to get into collecting gold and silver bullion for financial security reasons. I started collecting the pure silver eagle 1 oz dollars. Im a little hesitate to collect the gold eagles because they have a copper/silver mix. I know the mint is gonna produce 24 karat eagles(not sure when) so is it a good idea to start with kruggerands or the canadian maple leaf?

    I would like to stick with american coins because the eagles are divided into smaller denominations and easier to collect.

    Any helpful suggestions would be great.

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  3. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    If your talking about the American silver eagles they too have copper in them...but you CAN'T get 100% pure silver out side of a laboratory...all coins have some mix because you can get a pure metal to hold together.

    As for the gold I think it would be find....

    If you search on the forum fo "Investing" you might see what we say ;--)

  4. Rob_0126

    Rob_0126 New Member

    Thanks for the info.

    I know it isn't 100% pure, .999 is close enough :D

    I read up that the maple leaf and australian kangaroo gold coins are 24 karat.

    Funny thing I read, that their is less physical silver than their is gold. I know gold is a better metal but its interesting non the less.
  5. mitchell

    mitchell Senior Member

    I guess the best answer is whichever precious metal you can most afford.

    I think if anyone knew that for certain, they would be too rich to participate at internet forums, too busy doing rich people stuff.

    I understand that when you say "pure silver" you mean 99.97% :rolleyes:.

    Me personally, I collect mostly silver. I have in the neighborhood of 60 pounds. It is affordable to me, and I can accumulate a lot in a fairly short period of time, without breaking the bank account. Makes for good barter items if the SHTF, or when the world realizes that the Federal Reserve Note is not worth the paper it is printed on.

    I catch silver under $7 an ounce, and buy a roll of either American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple.

    The best prices I have found on silver, and I have compared them all, is mostly here: www.coastcoin.com

    Bookmark several internet dealers and when you go to purchase, check around for the best price price. Don't forget to figure in shipping.

    10 oz silver bars seem to me, to be the best price per ounce. I have a mix of 1 oz coins, 1\2 ounce coins, 5 oz bars, 10 oz bars. And a few 1 oz. gold coins, but mostly silver.

    For me, it is mostly for an economic collapse, shtf, etc. If things stay normal, I never expect to get rich on it.
  6. Rob_0126

    Rob_0126 New Member

    Yeh, Im collecting bullion for the same reasons. If the dollar becomes as valuable as monopoly money, then I will have barter power. Im considering gold maple leaves because of the purity. But of course, stick to eagle silver because it's affordable.

    It would suck to have 500,000 in the bank, the market go poof, and you have 500,000 dollars in play money. :eek: (be nice to have 500k in the bank to begin with :p )
  7. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    When the market goes "poof" you are going to need more than gold and silver (and you might need US gold and silver at that) your going to have to know how to hunt!..but man is it fun learning to hunt!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rob_0126

    Rob_0126 New Member

    Lets worry about 1 thing at a time. :p

    I know how to shoot, so thats half the battle :cool:
  9. ranchhand

    ranchhand Coin Hoarder

    if you are saving the "collapse" i would invest in:

    1. Land
    2. Cattle
    3. small farm animals ( goats, chickens, etc )
    4. stable clean water source
    5. guns. lots of ammo

    if you want gold and silver, you can trade beef/water for it, probably get an ounce of gold for a couple pounds of meat.

    remember, you can't eat gold or silver, and people are going to want to eat more than carry around heavy gold coins.

  10. crystalk64

    crystalk64 Knight of the Coin Table

    Cigarettes and alcohol will also be major batering power if we ever see a collapse. While land is great to have if we ever have a major collapse NO ONE will be buying anything much so.....? Guns and ammo are great...ALL THE TIME! Have any of you kept tabs on gun prices or gun collecting right now! AND should hard times ever come, gold, silver, platinum and palladium will be accepted world wide! Don't ever let anyone try to tell you different! Precious metals are PRECIOUS metals and that is not going to change in our lifetime. Hunting and surviving well that is a learned activity and something I do know how to do! Guess living in a rural area is not so bad after all!
  11. WaA140

    WaA140 New Member

    This is an interesting dicsussion. I agreem mostly with what has been said but if it comes down to hunting, that will only be an option for a short time. It won't take much time at all for the wild game to be eliminated around highly populated regions. (As an aside, I can shoot a grouping of 5 shots at 100 yds that is smaller than a silver dollar but I can't shoot a standing deer at 200 yds or moving deer at 25 yds.) In the end, grain will become the staple...precious metals will likley be the medium to facilitate trades. If a total economic collapse happens, bartering will have its place but what is a software engineer going to offer a farmer for a bushel of grain? "I'll write you 20 lines of code for a bushel of wheat." "Hmmm... No, I think I'd need at least 35 lines of code for a bushel." :rolleyes:
  12. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    I shot the last one at 212YD's...its best not to shot them moving as they don't taste right...

    Sorry I know that was Off Topic....Lets get back to coins!..

    If you want gold and silver you might want to get them in small rounds becasue unless your going to be buying a house you might not want a 100 ounce bar!!...platinum (sp?) might also be something you want to look into.

  13. mitchell

    mitchell Senior Member

    That is why the 3 precious metals I invest in are Silver, Gold and Lead. In order of amount on hand: Lead, Silver, Gold.

    I have in the neighborhood of 25k rounds for various calibers. There are also defense issues to consider.

    For those not "in the know" when I say lead, I man manufactured ammunition, and not bulk lead.
  14. sylvester

    sylvester New Member

    Wouldn't it be more profitable to say grow potatoes or something rather than going out shooting all the deer?

    Self suffiency from what you can grow will keep you through the summer, come winter that's when you're gonna want to go out fishing and shooting stuff.

    The farmers will be the ones laughing their way to the... well i would say bank, but it's doubtful if that'd be much use.

    Spinach farming will be on the up! :D
  15. SilverDollarMan

    SilverDollarMan Collecting Fool

    I have one gold coin, not because of $$$, Mitchel, but cause I don't get off on yellow.
    I really like the look of a proof silver coin but I mostly collect BU.
  16. Bacchus

    Bacchus Coin Duffer

    :D Good one !
  17. coin roll guy

    coin roll guy da breadman

    I agree with you somewhat but when you live in a county like mine where the deer are considered pests. Sometimes farmers get permission from the government to kill the deer all year long that bother their crops. My cousins in one summer on one farm killed over 100 deer:), thats a good thing btw. And when there is an abundance of food the does ussually have twins sometimes even triplets.:eek: The county is right on the edge of a national forest and is full of hippies and the like:(.
  18. coin roll guy

    coin roll guy da breadman

    Now to the original question I would recomend gold or silver.
  19. Bacchus

    Bacchus Coin Duffer

    Reminds me of an instance about 20 years ago where portions of Kentucky were being plagued with thousands of starlings, creating a health hazard. Kentucky came up with a solution to eradicate the birds, but were stopped by a court injunction from a New York animal "rights" group.

    The Kentucky folks then filed a similar injunction to prevent New York City from killing their rats. :D
  20. ranchhand

    ranchhand Coin Hoarder

    From what i have heard, platinum if you can afford it. the price of plat. has been very steady for three years, and is undervalued. If i had the cash i would try to purchase a couple ounces...
  21. coin roll guy

    coin roll guy da breadman

    LOL :D
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