What about eBay?

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by jody526, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Boss

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    Boss:excellent point. If we buy off Teletrade we pay 15% buyers fee and 8%ish sales tax. Does ebay/paypal fees exceed that. Understandably, the online auctions only sell slabbed coins.
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  3. Bone Head

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    Reply to : What about ebay?

    A powerseller on ebay..Nearly 2000 transactions... 99.8% positive.feedback. AAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................
    This listing is for : XRARE 1941-S Jefferson nickel Large S CPG 024.5.....SUPER RARE only9 to 16 known @ time of publication. This power seller also says Cherry Picker lists it as URS 5 with only9 to 16 known......It's the only one the seller has come across in DECADES. NGC POP in MS64 is 155 w/ 35 higher-- PCGS POP (MS64) is (about)165 w/ 35 higher. I choked when I read about the counterfeit DBC's. I found it hard to believe also that someone paid $1700.00 for another FAKE. But now I'm a believer. I'm a nickel nut and this got me so riled up that I shook. This is beyond belief. ..............This listing lasts for another 2 weeks. PM me for a link to this (another) .....outright theivery................BONEHEAD :headbang:
  4. Bone Head

    Bone Head Senior Member

    Ya don't have to PM me ..You can search ebay for 1941S nickel, Large S.
  5. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    If it's outright thievery, doesn't it warrant reporting?
  6. linxlvr

    linxlvr Junior Member

    I have had direct problems as a seller. The buyer can use a card, paypal will say your money is in, you send the item out, buyer takes back CC payment. Paypal takes the money back out of your account. Your out the coin. Your out the payment. FYI: This is not something I heard of happening to someone. This happened to me. The buyer in fact did it to three of us at the same time. Paypal is only in paypals interest. Just another way for ebay to get more money. Paypal after days of phone arguments and more, did finally give in.
    But they did make sure I understood they were under NO obligation to do it, and showed me in print where it was written. Luckily it was a very cheap coin I learned this on.

    As a seller, I always preferred MO over paypal. Save 5%? Any day of the week, TY.
  7. SNDMN59

    SNDMN59 New Member

    E - bay

    I answered a topic about e-bay awhile awhile back. I want to say again file all of your responses . As i said befoere i always ask about a postal order before i buy or bid . A week ago I do as I usually do. Sent postal mpney order as agrred on . etc. It took 4 days to get mailing address. finaly i sent the payment agreed on . I waited and they never showed up, he said he did not receive payment. He then contacted e-bay complaining
    about the payment. This person started cutting me down etc. So i sent about 7 e-mails including postal order # etc. And where he agrred to acceppt the payment. Well the strike alert was removed and the person does not sell on e-bay any longer it was only $ 5.00 transaction including shipping . Ido not know if i will get a refund or not . But that is not the point , i was scammed and this person paid the price . SO again
    dave all e-mails, i keep mine until i am pleased with the purchase .:kewl:
  8. Mareesey

    Mareesey Member

    eBay is flawed and paypal is a rip-off for the seller. I love paying with paypal but I hate receiving payment that way :headbang: so I suppose I'm a hypocrite.
  9. RockStar

    RockStar Michigan

    Money order are good. Selling Fees are High on ebay to me. Forums and Craiglist or the new Ebays knock off http://detroit.kijiji.com/ is good its free
  10. Jerms

    Jerms Member

    eBay can be a tricky place to buy coins. I generally prefer seeing the coins in person (please don't send me any more coins, Littleton, just because I said that! Overpriced *##@#$@ :headbang: ).

    I ordered two cameo proofs of the 2008 Jefferson Nickel. They were both put into one plastic 2x2 with tape in the middle to prevent the coins from leaving. Well, of course, the proofs were all stuck on the tape, essentially wrecking them. Unbelievable. I learned a lesson though, always make sure to know how items will be shipped before you buy. Ah well. Was for a cheap price anyhow, but still a loss on my part.
  11. comoregion

    comoregion New Member

  12. NPCoin

    NPCoin Resident Imbecile

    Why not just post your items here first? Give the forum members a chance to buy from you without all the eBay/PayPal hassle?
  13. harborcoin

    harborcoin Kevin T

    eBay has gotten greedy. I used to do large business there but feel they want all of the money. They get the listing fees, the final value fees and Paypal fees as well. When they doubled the cost of of fees for an ebay store it was the beginning of the end for me. We do some business there now but we limit it as much as we can. I hope they fold and someone not as greedy starts a new one.
  14. mruetz

    mruetz Junior Member

    The real question is whether the eBay fees are worth it. Sometime because of the large audience of people bidding, you get a higher price.
  15. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    Exactly -- one just needs to know ahead of time what the fees will probably be, what the closing price will be, and then figure if its worth it.

    As for the large audience -- I just checked for the heck of it: at 10pm (ET) on a random Wed evening, there were 162,000 ongoing auctions in US coins.
  16. justndav76

    justndav76 Member

    And what is going on with this supposed new user agreement starting on 6/8/2009? I think they are raising their fee's again also. Here is a little blurb in the new buyer protection sections of the user agreement:

    Seller Obligations:
    • <LI class=unorderedList>Sellers agree to follow the program requirements as explained in the eBay Purchase Protection policy.

      <LI class=unorderedList>All sellers with an open claim must work in good faith to resolve the claim, refund money and/or provide a replacement item, and accept a return of the item as explained by the eBay Purchase Protection Policy.
    • If a seller doesn't resolve a claim, the seller agrees to pay eBay the amount paid by eBay to the buyer in accordance with the eBay Purchase Protection policy. eBay will invoice the seller for these amounts and seller agrees to pay eBay in accordance with the invoice terms.
    Obligations with respect to allegedly non-authentic items:
    • <LI class=unorderedList>For covered claims that meet the conditions and are not excluded, buyers are required to destroy an item if they claim it is not authentic. Once a buyer confirms destruction of the item, eBay will reimburse the buyer.
    • For covered claims that meet the conditions and are not excluded, sellers agree to not hold buyers or eBay responsible for the destruction of an item if it is not believed to be authentic.
    So if you buy a fake coin you have to confirm you've destroyed it before they refund your money if the seller wont work with you? That seems really odd to me, and personally I dont know if I like that.
  17. justndav76

    justndav76 Member

    Also read the new Ebay purchase protection policy. I love the part where it says if you qualify under the agreement to be refunded for something it states ebay may "issue you a coupon to use for further purchases rather than a direct refund". You have got to be kidding me. I dont know how this all will pertain to coin collectors but there is some fine print in all these new policies that I find a bit concerning.

    It says: Some examples of what wouldnt be covered... last bullet point has this blurb:

    The item has minor scratches and was listed as used.

    Now how would that pertain to us coin collectors for something that maybe was not listed in an auction description for an old coin, or not visible from the photo's posted when a seller makes a claim for a condition of a coin that isnt exactly correct? I could see ebay saying, well the coin is such and such years old and scatches would be expected thus no refund. Im probably thinking this out to much and its late but I think they are important questions.
  18. KomkaCoins

    KomkaCoins Member

    <----------hates ebay for buying (never as described) and selling (fees are too high) -ask me how I really feel. HAHA jokin
  19. Srontgorrth

    Srontgorrth New Member

    Lately they've been giving out 5 free listings a month atleast. I think its worth it.
  20. demonik

    demonik Junior Member

    i sell every day on ebay,mostly just the crap that dealers wont look at.i often list british pennies etc on there with a starting price of .99p with just 1 photo so its free most s&h here is £1.36 so i charge £1.50 this will cover any small fees i will get.
    its a high risk with anything worth more as i have often found out,i put up a 1919h penny up with a starting price of .99 and it sold for just £3.50 a loss to me of about £7.00 but then again i once put a lot of 50 pennies all in poor/good condition on and got a bid of £20.52 so i made a good amount from something that no dealer anywhere would have even looked at.
    paypal to me is a rip-off not ebay !!
  21. bigdeals_au

    bigdeals_au Junior Member

    Yeah but paypal is an ebay company, so what's the difference? rip-off is an ebay culture. the good old days of ebay are gone. ebay today has too many rules policies and hard to use seller tool that puts many off
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