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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by svessien, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    … and my day started with finding a new book in my mail box:

    This has been laying on my desk throughout the workday, calling my name. Can’t wait to get home and start reading.

    Will your weekend involve numismatics? In what way? Have you got a book that you are reading, a coin that you are researching, photos to take or write-ups to make? Please share!
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  3. nerosmyfavorite68

    nerosmyfavorite68 Well-Known Member

    It's Faustina/Pizza Friday! Congrats on the new book!
  4. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    That reminds me I have to spend 5 minutes on my Faustina/Hilaritas as, to see if 0.00001 grams of ancient crud is willing to let go of the coin today. :) Happy weekend, @nerosmyfavorite68 !
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  5. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter 3rd Century Usurper

    Hoping to pull the trigger on a couple of coins I have been eyeing for awhile. Haven't been as active on the forum for a bit as I am selling my house as of April 21st. I have already moved to another house - lots of work though.
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  6. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    Pulling the trigger on a new coin really is a task that ancient coin hunters need to perform. Good luck!
  7. Marsman

    Marsman Well-Known Member

    Not numismatics this weekend but this book (in Dutch translation) The Flames of Rome from Paul Maier.
    Love it :)

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  8. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    I read that several years ago, and it’s really great. So is his book on Pontius Pilatus, by the way.
  9. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    The book was released a year and a half ago but I have yet to see a review of it other than the blurb provided by people selling it. Quite honestly, I have been burned so many times buying books that turn out to be written to sell books rather than to educate people that I am not buying any more that I have not seen or at least seen extensive reviews by independent reviewers (like you). Please post not only 'I like it' but what you see that makes us all need three more volumes by this author.
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  10. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    From what I’ve read so far, I see no reason why you should buy it, Doug. It’s probably below your level of knowledge. For me, it fits well. It’s a better explanation of the images of the coins than in Jenkins or Kraay, and the politics too. Jenkins and Kraay (Greek Coins and Archaic and Classical coins) deal with more coins, but even more superficially. In this book, there are fewer coins but a bit more background. I like that. But it’s still a broad view.
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  11. The Meat man

    The Meat man Supporter! Supporter

    I'm looking forward to getting a couple coins in the mail this weekend. I'll probably be spending some time taking photos and writing descriptions.

    As far as coin-related books, I have been reading the history of Cassius Dio the past couple weeks. I'm currently on Book 2, reading about the exploits of the First Triumvirate and the beginning of the fall of the Republic, currently around 59 B.C.
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  12. Ignoramus Maximus

    Ignoramus Maximus Nomen non est omen.

    Your book looks vaguely familiar, @svessien...:)
    It's a nice overview, I think, and well written, but not a book where you're likly to learn anything spectacularly new. Happy reading and enjoy the weekend!
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  13. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    I find it a bit offensive that the best You Tube video on You Tube is also the worst. How many are there? You will recognize the person who did it.

    Back in my day actively posting to my website, I had a few book reviews but never really followed through with the project. Most are very lightweight ....... except for the one that is too heavy.

    CT's own Valentinian has very useful reviews covering sales catalogs that go beyond just listing what he has for sale.

    What other book review resources on ANCIENT coins can you name?
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  14. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    CoinTalk and Forvm.

    Funny video. Wasn’t that the guy who wanted to sell a Caesar denarius on Pawn Stars?

    Youtube is great. Here’s their #1 budget cooking channel, in case someone overspent on coins and need some tips for dinner:

  15. seth77

    seth77 Well-Known Member

    I also have those Adidas shoes it seems everyone in Europe has a pair.
  16. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Well-Known Member

    I got a copy of this book late last year, complements of Harlan J. Berk Ltd, but haven't spent much time with it. This Sunday I'll give it a serious look :wideyed:.

    Daphne Nash.jpg
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  17. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    At least those who remember RUN DMC.
  18. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    I like that series. I have Roman and Greek world, but not the Celtic. Tell us what you think!
  19. Stevearino

    Stevearino Well-Known Member

    I've been gone all winter, but I've got "In God We Trust" waiting for me when I get home next week.

  20. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Supporter! Supporter

    Yes, I've taken some time to take a decent picture of, and edit, a coin dating from the french revolution (not ancient per se), minted at the siege of Mainz (for more info see the Wiki page Here)

    Atelier de Mayence (Mainz)
    REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE / 1793 L'AN 2ᴱ Faisceau de licteur surmonté d'un bonnet phrygien, dans une couronne de chêne
    MONOYE DE SIEGE DE MAYENCE - au centre 5 SOLS en deux lignes entre trois roses
    14,71 gr - 31 mm
    Ref : Gadoury # 67

  21. DonnaML

    DonnaML Well-Known Member

    I didn't watch the video, but it looks like Ilya, the notorious "High Ratings Low Price" guy.
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