US Philippines Coins. Foreign or not?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by RussHJB, Aug 23, 2022.

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    I consider this part of mt US dollar type set. 20190516_154122.jpg 20190516_154141.jpg
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  3. Kentucky

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    So, if I am not mistaken, the US Mint has struck many coins for other countries. Should these be considered US coins? Try and spend one and see what happens...uh, this also happens with Saca dollars and $2 bills...never mind.
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  5. charley

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    Yes, I can. I would have expected you to know this, also.
    The some win some.
  6. CoinCorgi

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    Will you cite it?
  7. charley

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  8. CoinCorgi

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    KBBPLL Well-Known Member

    OK, I'll try. Or was this treasure hunt just for @charley ?
    The Philippine Organic Act of 1902 (enacted July 1, 1902)

    Section 81. That the subsidiary and minor coinage hereinbefore authorised may be coined at the mint of the Government of the Philippine Islands at Manila, or arrangements may be made by the said Government with the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States for their coinage at any of the mints of the United States, at a charge covering the reasonable cost of the work.

    Section 82. That the subsidiary and minor coinage hereinbefore authorised shall bear devices and inscriptions to be prescribed by the Government of the Philippines Islands, and such devices and inscriptions shall express the sovereignty of the United States, that it is a coin of the Philippine Islands, the denomination of the coin, and the year of the coinage.
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  10. Maxfli

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    A reasonable case can be made either way as to whether they should be catagorized as U.S. or foreign.

    What isn't debatable is that these coins represent a chapter in American numismatic history, which is why my three examples are stored with my U.S. coins.
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  11. KBBPLL

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    Another consideration is that these were ultimately minted by the US mint branch right there in Manila.
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  12. CaptHenway

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    I can see both side of the argument. Is a 1761-Mo 8 Reales that says HISP(ANIARUM) on it a Spanish coin or a Mexican coin?
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