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  1. Jason.A

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    So if silver is found in 75 parts per billion and gold is 4 parts per billion, does that mean the gold/silver ratio /should/ be 75 to 4, or 18.75 to 1? In other words, gold should only be around $280 an ounce when silver is $14.80
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  3. losthomer

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    Don't feed trolls. It's basic Internet etiquette.
  4. TheFinn

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    Like the "Rare Earths", Pt doesn't run in veins as much as gold, and is something caught in the processing go Ag & Au. In that way the Pt-group metals are rarer, because they can't be targeted and mined.
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  5. HawkeEye

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    Maybe, but math works both ways. Perhaps when gold is $1,250 silver should be $66.67.
  6. goldcollector

    goldcollector Member

    No this completely ignores other factors such as the fact that gold is valued by nearly 100% of humanity whereas silver is not. Silver is used mostly as a flip or get rich quick scheme and is held mainly by "weak hands". It is heavily overproduced.

    As we know just because something may be 10x more rare this doesn't mean the price must be 10 times higher. It just doesn't work that way. A rare coin say with a remaining population of 500 might be worth $50,000 now if the remaining population grew 10x to 5000 that doesn't mean the new price must be 1/10 or $5000. No the market will determine new price, it just won't be calculated as 1/10 the old price.

    As well gold is the only thing on Earth that is valued by nearly all yet in lower existence ( per capita ) every year. Human population isgrowing at 1.25-1.50% per year while gold reserves growing about 1%, silver reserves growing 5-10% depending on source. They simply mine too much silver for it to ever do anything.
  7. goldcollector

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    You were the first reply to the thread. Sour because "I'll take that action" looks about as good a bet as a bet on the Orioles to win the World Series ?
  8. goldcollector

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    No if the GSR is to drop it will be by Gold falling. Silver isn't even touching 20 again in our lives short of a WW 3 type event. They can't sell the massive supply at 15. Let it hit 17-18 and it will come pouring onto the market with people anxious to cash their $1-$2 gain. The market is flooded now.
  9. Jason.A

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    It was a joke because I don't respect many of the people posting in this thread (you included) and knew such a ridiculous pronouncement of the gsr would get you people tingling.

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  10. losthomer

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    Didn't realize what I was dealing with at the time.
  11. goldcollector

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    Current GSR 83.01

    Thread started at 68.93

    Still waiting on those promised sub 55's ( Not really waiting I know sub 55 will NEVER happen again ) but its still fun laughing at all the people who scrapped up enough change to get $30 at the coinstar machine and buy 2 ounces of silver and have actually convinced themselves they will retire off those 2 ounces as soon as the manipulators stop manipulating. LOL you just cant make this stuff up. Folks silver is a joke. Always has been, always will be. I know most of you would rather hear Ted Butlers beautiful BS lies then my ugly truth but still. When something is going for sub $15 and there are billions of ounces of it going unsold, well that should tell you something. I cant wait until late 2019 or early 2020 when I am bumping this thread with a triple digit GSR. We are pretty much half way there since this thread started. GSR 55 ??? BWAHAA BWAHAA -- NEVER.
  12. goldcollector

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    Oh NO.. I always get upset when strangers on the internet, who have been around a whole year, who call themselves predators and have profile pictures of an anus say they don't respect me. I am just oozing with respect for you.
  13. Jason.A

    Jason.A Active Member

    You make me ooze too, sweetheart.
  14. goldcollector

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    GOLD holding around 83 GSR

    I was checking some numbers on Google, and its pretty amazing to note that every year that passes there is less and less gold in the world on a per capita basis.

    Google says between 170,000-185,000 tonnes exist. Every year another 2300 tonnes are mined with a small amount being lost or destroyed in industrial processes. About 2000 tonnes are added to existing above ground supplies which is about 1.1% growth.

    The human population grows about 1.3-1.4% annually.

    Close to 100% of humanity recognizes Gold as something that is highly valuable.

    On a per capita basis Gold is more rare every day that passes which is precisely why it has been and always will be the worlds #1 store of value.
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  15. slackaction1

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    HAPPY LABOR DAY TO ALL... as usual I have the wrong one.. I got the silver shinny and in my Golden years but not the gold...….
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  16. goldcollector

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    GSR 84 now.

    Thread Started at 68.93 now up to 84. Gold continues to murder Silver
  17. juris klavins

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    R.I.P. silver - 'Tis the season :zombie:

  18. Mr Roots

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    Playing the gold silver ratio is actually fail proof if you don’t care about the time frame and what metal you might get stuck with.
  19. ed wood 654

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    I don't even waste my time with silver. Ask all those poor suckers who were buying silver eagles for $40 each. Silver will never, ever break $17 ever again. I don't care what happens
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  20. green18

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  21. Santinidollar

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    Somebody left the gate open not only once, but twice.
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