TRIVIA: West Point Coin Milestones

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    West Point Mint Facility

    Located near the U.S. Military Academy in New York state, the United States Mint at West Point manufactures the entire family of American Eagle proof and uncirculated coins in gold, silver, and platinum. The gold and platinum coins are manufactured in denominations of one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce. Silver bullion coins are manufactured in a one-ounce denomination.
    You probably knew the above statistics


    Do you know this?

    The West Point Mint Facility was built in 1937 near the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

    Do you know what coins were first minted at the West Point Mint Facility?

    1973 Lincoln Head Cents!

    In fact, the West Point Mint Facility struck Lincoln Head Cents from 1973 through 1986.

    Those Cents do not bear a mint mark making them indistinguishable from those produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

    Thus, you can't declare those no mint mark cents in your collection bearing dates 1973 through 1986 were produced in Philadelphia.

    Look at this photo. Is it a Philadelphia minted coin or was it struck at West Point?

    What was the first American coin to bear the "W" (West Point) mint mark?

    That honor goes to the 1984 $10 Gold Olympics Commemorative! Though these coins are all dated 1984 mint production began in September 1973!

    These Commemoratives were produced in Proof only at

    Philadelphia (33,309).

    Denver (34,533).

    San Francisco (48,551)

    West Point (381,085)

    and bear MInt Marks P, D, S and W!


    the West Point Mint Facility also struck 75,886 uncirculated $10 Gold Olympic Coins.

    Here's a photo of the West Point $10 Gold Olympic Commemorative:

    (courtesy River City Coins)

    Now I have another question for you. What Foreign Country's Coin was the first minted by the West Point Mint Facility?

    Remember the West Point Mint Facility began striking no mint mark Lincoln Cents in 1973.

    In 1973 The United Staes Mint won the bids to strike 1974 proof and circulation bronze One Centesimo coins for Panama.

    There were approximately 18,000 Panamanian bronze One Centesimo proof coins, dated 1974, struck by the San Francisco Mint.

    West Point produced approximately 10,000,000 bronze One Centesimo business strike coins.

    I couldn't find a photo of a Panama 1974 One Centesimo, butIfound a 1987. It is the exact same design as a 1974. Image the coin in the photo is dayed 1974 instead of 1987:

    (Photo courtesy of Don's World Coin Gallerey) km22 1 Centesimo (1961-1987)

    Another milestone in the West Point Mint'snumismatic history occurred in 1996.

    1996 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Roosevelt dime (1st minted in 1946). West Point produced the dime bearing the "W" mint mark which were given as an insert with the standard mint sets sold that in 1996, over 1.457 million were produced. Thus this "W" mint marked dime is not particularly scarce. However, don't start searching your pocket change, these were only made for collectors.
    Here's a photo courtesy of Stamp Company:

    Hope you enjoyed this trivia...


    Hope you enjoyed this trivia...

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  3. FreakyGarrettC

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    Thanks I learned something new today.
  4. Clinker

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    To FreakyGarreetC

    Thanks for reading and commenting...

  5. Cloudsweeper99

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    Good info. I first purchased the 1984 $10 gold commem because it was the first coin to carry the w mintmark. I thought it would have some numismatic value because of that, but somehow it never mattered to anyone -- yet.
  6. acanthite

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    That was great trivia, I learned plenty from that. Thanks!
  7. green18

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    Great trivia Clinker.....always interested in finding info on the "mysterious" West Point facility.
  8. randygeki

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    thanks for the post Clinker
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    Thanks for the informative trivia Clinker.:smile
  10. cherylkubucko

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    Question and learning time

    I have the 1974 Un Centesimo, Question, How can you tell if it was minted at West Point? Thank You. Cheryl

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  11. GDJMSP

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    Well if ya look real close at the reverse, buried down there is the leaves is this little tiny W.

    Couldn't resist Cheryl :D

    Seriously, that's the only place any were struck.
  12. Clinker

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    Don't get rid of it!


    Thanks again for commenting!


    Thanks for your comment!


    Appreciate your comment!


    Good to read your comment!

  13. Clinker

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    Thanks for sharing photos of your coin, AND as GDJMP points out, "That's the only place they were made."

    Except for the proofs....

  14. Clinker

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    Thanks to all of you who nominated this Post as "Post of the Week!"
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    Thanks for answering Cheryl...

  16. Snowman

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    my book source says that 1976 thru 1979 quarters were also coined at West Point just like the pennies - no mint mark

    1976 376,000
    1977 7.352,000
    1978 20,800,000
    1979 22,672,000

  17. cherylkubucko

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    :eek: I understand Doug. Its Ok. But you know what they say?? :DThanks Cheryl
  18. Clinker

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    You are correct, but I diidn't consider them a "milestone" of the West Point Mint for my "trivia."

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