Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by john65999, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. tibor

    tibor Supporter! Supporter

    We've got three Wal Marts where I live. The lines at Customer Service are
    usually 5 or deep. The Burger King down the road gladly accepts my
    lose change.
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  3. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    whatever, just saying made a mistake cuz i did not want to lose it if it was a blowhole or blow out, and lost 10.00 i waste more on scratch offs 3 times a day, no biggie, just being flip, others do it.. no harm meant
  4. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    if any one of my friends here that collects holed coins wishes it, pm me first one gets it, lol enjoy, i ama just pissed, gambled and lost, we do not harp on em just move on to the next victory!!
  5. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    i think am cancer society has best record, like 45 cents out of every dollar goes for research me thinks, me might be wrong, using old quotes from me memory
  6. tibor

    tibor Supporter! Supporter

    My grandfather was a POW in a hard labor camp in Russia after WW1.
    Six long years and the U.S. Red Cross won/bought his freedom. I give
    yearly to them. He fought in the Hungarian army.
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  7. Seth06(merc lover)

    Seth06(merc lover) New Member

    i mean its definatly damaged but i would pay $5-$10 any day for that
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  8. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    i can see why, i guess they helped out your family a lot, i am great grandfather fought that war as well, but he was fighting for the enemy (at the time) for his service he was granted a principality and a share of land in some country that does not exist anymore, i think sometime around the early 20's both sides of my family (russian, poilsh and hungarian) had all emigrated to usa by then...
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