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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by ewomack, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Half is half and that’s all that sunk into my mind. Lol My apologies.
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    Can we see Frankenstein. Please
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    Yea baby. Super Super find. Has anyone else found 1/2 cents. So cool
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    That’s old
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    Lol. See I’m a newbie
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    I've had a couple of half cents for so long, it's hard to remember where it came from. It's in decent condition, but I'm going to have to take some pictures. I also have a couple of half dimes. Many of these things got handed down when my father passed.
    Thanks for showing the ones you have. It has sparked an interest in me to get the coin and see what the history of it is.
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    At the time I payed that it was more like half a brain. Lol
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  13. johnmilton

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    As the OP said, finding the 18th century pieces in the median collector grades is hard. When you find them, they often have problems.

    This one has a rim nick, but it's interesting. This is an example of a C 1795-6a half cent that was struck over Talbot, Allum and Lee Cent. The Talbot, Allum and Lee tokens were imported from England and probably circulated here like most other available copper.

    1795 Half Cent C-6a All.jpg

    Here is a Talbot, Alum and Lee Cent.

    Talbot Cent All.jpg

    The first U.S. Mint acquired a fair number of these TAL Cents, cut them down to half cent size, probably heated them to soften them for striking and made them into 1795 half cents.

    The undertype from the host coin shows on a number of pieces. On the 1795 half cent shown above, you can see a part of the "1794" date under the half cent's 1795 date. On the reverse, you can see part of "ONE CENT" on the edge. I have turned to the half cent reverse upside down so that you can see the "CENT" more easily.

    1795 H Cent & TA&L Cent.jpg

    Half cent collectors will pay a premium of the pieces that have easily seen under type.
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  14. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Here my 18th century early half cent types.

    Here is my 1793 half cent. This piece has a couple of rim issues, but the color is good and the surfaces are hard (not corroded). NGC put this into a VF-35 holder.

    1793 half cent total.jpg

    Here is a 1795 Lettered Edge Half Cent. This one has great color and surfaces. The die variety is Cohen 1795-1. It is a "common" for a 19th half cent, but not in this condition. PCGS called this an AU-55.

    1795 Let Edge half cent.jpg

    Most collectors are happy to get one Liberty Cap facing Right type coin. If you get technical about it, there are several type coins from the 19th century. The prices make collecting them all a major undertaking. Here is a 1794 Half Cent. There are probably three or four "types" of 1794 half cents. This one is Cohen 1794 1a. NGC graded this one MS-61, Brown. The gentleman who writes a lot of catalogs for Stacks-Bowers agreed with the grade.

    1794 Half Cent All.jpg
  15. Conder101

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    That is an impressive feat. Does that include the C-3 as well?
  16. Cheech9712

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    Praying help that problem
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    Did I mention that you should adopt me. I just wanna be see with you
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  19. johnmilton

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    The 1804 C-3 ended my interest in collecting half cents be die variety. A ground salvage piece was offered to me for $7,000. I knew the game was over. I really wanted all 12 1804 half cent varieties, but when I saw that, it was over. If I wanted a decent example, I would have wait for a collector to sell for many years in the future in a major auction.

    For me die state collectors killed the the die variety collecting hobby. When one collector had to have multiple examples of the same rare variety because of die state, the game was over.
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    I think so but I won’t know until I wake up tomorrow morning. :)
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    Sorry, no. I misspoke when I said "complete". I was thinking "complete for me". I don't have the C-2, either. :oops:
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