Storing Coins in Fireproof Safe - Gas/Moisture

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by greyfang, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. greyfang

    greyfang New Member

    I remember some rumors about 10 years ago cautioning people against storing coins in a fireproof safe.

    I spoke with a locksmith with 30+ years experience and he said that they do not emit any gases, but if they remain closed moisture can become a problem. He recommended the reusable canister packs of desicant. I have been considering buying a AMSEC Burglar/Fire safe to store my Lincolns in, with the desicant. The locksmith also said to open the safe every week or so to exchange the air. The coins will be in the Interceptor Shields.

    Before I store my cents in here I wanted to get any feedback on storing coins in a firesafe before I jeopardize my coins.
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  3. Ed Zak

    Ed Zak New Member

    Humidity in Seattle??...come on, just like we have no humidity in the Southeast??

    I feel for you becuase my passion is Lincolns and keeping them red is a priority for me as well. If you have a gun safe, check to see what kind of lining you have on the walls of it. I have read some posts that these kinds of safes may use carpet and some carpets with their dyes and inks can emit gases that our coins may not like. I don't know much about carpets, inks and what have you, but look into it.

    I like that you are using Intercept Shields as I am a big fan of them as well. All my Lincolns before 1944 are stored in their 2x2's. But to keep mositure out of the gun safe, you also need to look at this product:

    This will definitely make sure mositure is not hanging around in this closed area.

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    I have used fire safes for many, many years and never had a problem of any kind. I do use silica gel packs to keep the moisture down inside the safe - but I would do so if it were a fire safe or not. Also - I live in Utah - the 2nd dryest state in the nation - so moisture is seldom a problem.

    But what causes these rumors about fire safes is what they place inside the walls of the safe to make it fire resistant. They use small pellets filled with liquid so that when the heat reaches a certain temperature they release this liquid in order to reduce the heat. This is what protects the contents from the heat. But there is never any liquid or moisture released unless there is a fire.

    So you be the judge - moisture harms coins - but usually only over a period of time. Heat on the other hand can harm coins in seconds.

    Which would you prefer ?
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