Should I pay this guy on eBay?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by JCB1983, May 27, 2012.

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  1. buddy16cat

    buddy16cat Well-Known Member

    I think that maybe you are doing him a favor by blocking his bids if you are not going to maintain a certain level of customer service and understand stuff happens.
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  3. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    I don't feel sorry for you.
    Just thank your lucky stars you were only shopping on drugs and not driving around killing innocent people.
    You need to pay your debt and find some other med that won't cause you or others problems or even pain.
    You're an adult, and since you know you have issues with the meds that will affect people other than yourself, you know what to do.
  4. m60gpmg

    m60gpmg Member

    "Pay the man" Most of us have done something while under the influence we didn't mean to do. Take responsibility. Just another one of lifes lessons. Thankfully it wasn't worse.
  5. AngelKitty

    AngelKitty Sparkles *n* Cats

    Wow, tough crowd.

    Having actually been around people on Ambien, I can safely say that YES, it can make you do things you don't remember and that you shouldn't be held accountable for. The OP isn't liable, and if he decides to pay then good for him, but if he doesn't I don't blame him or hold it against him at all, nor would I block him from buying stuff from me. Not paying for a bid you made while sleepwalking =/= winning an auction then refusing to pay out of jerkishness.
  6. camlov2

    camlov2 Member

    Pay for it. If there is no consequence you won't put in the effort to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    If you are on a medication that allows you to do things you don't remember you need to go directly to your doctor and find a different option.
  7. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    With all due respect, It's not like he popped a handful of xanax. As has been mentioned before, had the OP drank alcohol, gotten behind the wheel and killed someone, he WOULD be liable, but because Ambien is a prescription medication he is not liable? Nonsense. The only way I could see this not being his fault is if this were the first time he had taken this pill.. something I highly doubt. Too many people use being "under the influence" as an excuse for their behavior and its just that... an excuse.

    Keep in mind that just because this is a hobby for many of you, it's a business for others. Just because ebay policy would allow for a return and even if backing out prior to shipping would save the seller time and hassle (my apologies to Lehigh for the misunderstanding :) ) this does not make it right or take away from the fact that people should be held responsible for their actions.

    I didn't realize that just because someone has "been here a long time" they automatically deserve a pass. No need to contribute or make any (valid) points, Duwammer.. you've not been on CT long enough so your opinion does not matter. Sorry!

    As I said before... if you were the seller it would be a whole different story.
  8. Anthorn

    Anthorn New Member

    Reading through this thread I'd say there are more sellers than buyers on the forum :)

    If the seller is sticking to the winning bid, the chances are that it is a very good price that will be hard to get if the item is relisted. Ask him to cancel it and go to the top losing bidder and threaten negative feedback which in my view is justified if s/he doesn't comply. But really, it's not the seller's fault and you should also to offer to pay seller's fees and also something for inconvenience.
  9. Kryptonitecomic

    Kryptonitecomic New Member

    How this ended up being the sellers fault I have no idea and anyone who hasn't sold on ebay for an extended period of time really shouldn't have a valid opinion on this subject. Your comments make me think you have never sold part time or full time on ebay...after you get hundreds of non paying bidders with every excuse under the sun you tend to lose patience with this type of garbage. A seller should expect a bidder to pay if they win...not give a bunch of excuses and those that say just sell to the under my experience the under bidder rarely if ever want the item unless you cut the price even further or they think you shill bid your auction and made a mistake. Even if you get your fees back when you cancel the auction you don't get back the wasted listed time and the additional time it takes you to sell the item. In business time is money so if you waste the sellers time then don't expect a red carpet rolled out when you give them an excuse about how you were irresponsible and now it's there problem.

    my handle on Ebay is kryptonitecomics and if anyone doesn't like that I expect to be paid when you win one of my items then please....avoid my auctions at all costs :)
  10. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Supporter! Supporter

    IMHO, you should pay for the item. Are you 100% legally liable...probably not, but I believe paying for it is the right thing to do. If you truly don't want it, you can always resell it and likely make up for the majority of the lost money. Treat it much like a young coin collector treats a poor purchase decision. Use it like tuition for your life's education. You now know how this medication affects you. In the future, take precautions to prevent it from happening again.

    It stinks, but I believe that is the right move.
  11. froggycoins

    froggycoins Member

    Just avoid to put the Coin shows list and adress on the fridge !
  12. dsmith23

    dsmith23 Gotta get 'em all

    You're going to blackmail the seller with negative feedback if he dosen't cancel the bid?? Are you serious? Why should the seller get a negative, he sold the item, he did his job, its the bidder thats not doing their job. Thats just ridiculous
  13. Pilkenton

    Pilkenton almost uncirculated

    I understand the seller's rights to want his money. I also understand the buyer's situation.

    In my opinion, if I was the seller, I'd let it go and relist. It would be a whole lot easier to do that than to file an unpaid claim and wait for for an answer than it would be to resell and have his money in a lot less time. Contracts are signed, promises are made, items are returned, and auctions go unpaid all the time. That's life. That's business. Deal with it.
  14. Detecto92

    Detecto92 Well-Known Member

    Circumstances do happen, and this reminds me of a story.

    When I used to be an eBay seller, I was an active member of the discussion boards.

    There was this eBay seller, a couple, who got kicked off from eBay, after receiving a few negative feedbacks.

    The reason is because a close one died, and they were gone for about 3 days. They shipped the packages out as soon as they got back, and they got banned, because 3 buyers complained of slow shipping.

    This was not the only horror story I read about being getting booted for a death.

    After reading this thread, I find it rather disgusting on how many people seem to have a complete lack of compassion in them.

    It seems like almost everyone on here blames the buyer, and almost everybody, except for me, has some compassion and understanding for the circumstances which happened.

    Sadly, from my 20 short years on this earth, I have learned this is what the world is coming to, and it seems like the amount of compassion has dwindled down to nothingness.

    Back when I was a seller, if someone told me this, then I would probably sell to the 2nd highest bidder. Usually it's only a few dollars difference. If not, then re-list it.
  15. LindeDad

    LindeDad His Walker.

    Ethics 101 if you say your going to do something "Do It".
  16. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    I would agree with those advocating either having the seller sell to the next bidder and make up the difference, or asking him to relist and offer him a token amount in compensation. I think ethically you owe him a little something for the hassle, but the seller should be open to looking at your feedback and seeing this is not a habit of yours. He may block you from further auctions, but who cares?

    I can see the point of those saying "a contract is a contract", as well as those advocating doing nothing since you were under a drug. I just think $20 to take the edge off the whole situation is not much, but could go a way to resolve it amicably.
  17. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Well that wasn't at all pleasant but I paid the man. I'll post pictures when I get the note. I'm actually thankful for the constructive criticism on this one.
  18. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Well said!

    And you, sir, and an excellent example of what is so wrong with ebay today. What gives you the right (as a buyer) to threaten negative feedback if a seller does not "comply" with your demand even though they did nothing wrong? Do you know how many good sellers have left and/or refuse to deal on eBay (at least in part) because of people like you?
  19. camlov2

    camlov2 Member

    So you have no compassion for what happened? Might want to read what you type before you submit.
    I was thinking what we are losing in this world are people being responsible for their own actions. More and more people want a hand out, to be taken care of, and have no responsibilities. Not saying the OP fits this (he is asking opinions and not just ignoring responsibilty).
  20. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    You're a good man, Jason. I hope you did not take all of this personally.
  21. Louie_Two_Bits

    Louie_Two_Bits Chump for Change

    Very honorable indeed. This will likely be the best few hundred dollars you'll ever spend. Today's world needs more good people like you; and am hopeful that your actions will serve an an example to those who felt that a person shouldn't be responsible for their actions.

    Good things come to good people JCB, and I'm betting the outcome of this situation will be no different.

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