Should I get out of the Stock Market?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Adam34falcon, Dec 16, 2017.

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    I just started listing everyone from *GoldFinger1969* on. Sorry I woke you. You can go back to bed, now.:yawn: ~ Chris
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    If only.
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    for those PM collectors ...
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    The reason why toilet paper is so valuable now is that when one person sneezes in public, 100 people soil themselves.
  9. chascat

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    This is a super buying opportunity for long term investing!
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    Good one!

    And they say you don’t get no respect! :angelic:

    As I did in 2008, I will ride this out. This will turn around.

    I am holding a lot of gold that I have purchased at various prices since 1965. The only bullion I have is a few American Gold Eagles and a type set of most of the modern gold commemorative coins. They new sell for melt so they are bullion.
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    A wise man, but you should have kept this to yourself.
  12. baseball21

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    It's not a secret and no hedge fund that can actually move stock prices is reading CT to see how they should handle the market
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    Spot on mate!

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  14. medoraman

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    Lol, yeah Why? Unless someone here on Cointalk has a few trillion burning a hole in their pocket, none of our buying will change the market. Just like gold at 1100 or silver at 13, might as well let others know it is probably a good long term opportunity to get into the market at a good value. While what I owned before hurts, I have no doubt my purchases the last week or so will pay off very well long term. I am buying a pipeline company with dividend yield at 18%. In four years if they maintain that I will recover my principal. I don't care if all pipelines are out of business by 2030 (they won't be), that is a good investment.
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  15. juris klavins

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    I wonder what everyone has done since Thursday? :eek:
    Consider buying shares of DG (Dollar General stores) - if people get frightened by the current health scare, they're not going to travel long distances to shop - DG stores are placed in neighborhoods underserved by traditional grocery stores and big box retailers - DG was one of the rare stocks moving up Mon. & Tue. - I got in at 161.50; so far so good ;)
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  16. The best advice is not to take advice from strangers on the internet.
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  17. -jeffB

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    Interesting take. I do wonder what their supply chain looks like, though. It doesn't look like too many other people are thinking along those same lines -- no big uptick in price or volume so far. You might just be that far ahead of the market, but I've found it can be dangerous to assume that.
  18. John Johnson

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    My advice would be don't sell right now. Put the entire amount into an S&P 500 index fund and let it ride. Then buy two books: "Real Money" and "Get Rich Carefully" by Jim Cramer. "Real Money" will teach you how to evaluate a company and then only invest in a good company. Never buy a stock in a bad company. "Get Rich Carefully" will help you learn about the cycles stocks go through and when to tell if a stock is headed up or down.

    Learn first. It's the same advice you would receive if you were asking about starting a new coin collection.

    Someone above suggested 10% to 20% in precious metals. For many years I believed in keeping 10% of my investments in precious metals as a hedge against downswings. But you're 12 years old. You have so much time to recover from any short term losses. There's no need for you to invest in precious metals right now. If you do want to put some of your money in PM, though, I'd suggest putting it in the highest grade silver or gold coins you can afford.
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  19. medoraman

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    Just curious about this part. One, I find 10-20% very rich as a hedge position in PM. Most advisors, if they advise PM at all, are around 5-10%.

    Why the highest grade silver or gold coin? If you are investing in PM, paying any kind of premium for the grade of a coin is wasted money, don't you think? It will all melt for the same. Paying for a high grade is a numismatic investment, not a PM one.
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  20. GoldFinger1969

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    Better than reading years-old books....subscribe to Cramer's which is the paid site to

    Then read Cramer's 2-4 posts each day, plus his inter-site "tweets" that are much shorter.

    Reading his columns/tweets are better than reading old books or watching most of his CNBC "Mad Money" show (the intro and other parts are good but it's mostly entertainment).
  21. GoldFinger1969

    GoldFinger1969 Well-Known Member

    The only hedge to an equity decline is cash and/or Treasury bonds.

    PMs MAY or MAY NOT hedge a decline. They are "disaster insurance" against something cataclysmic that sends gold and silver up 50% in a few days and up 100% in a week or two.

    If that happened, the presumably many quasi-investment coins would go up nicely too. Obviously, a bullion coin or an equivalent like a common Saint-Gaudens would go up 100% if gold doubled. I would expect that a numismatic coin like an MS65 1924 Saint or an MS66 1923-D Saint to jump anywhere from 50% to 100%. Coins with more numismatic value like a 1907 HR would go up less.

    Maybe someone can tell us what happened to the 3 types of numismatic coins -- commons, quasi-numismatic, high premium numismatic -- in past times when gold moved up (1979-1980, 1982-1989, 1990's).
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