Searched my first box of circulated penny’s.

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by AidenAlexander, Feb 12, 2022.

  1. AidenAlexander

    AidenAlexander Well-Known Member

    I searched my first box of circulated penny’s. Previously I got two box’s of uncirculated 2021 p’s (not my cup of tea) so I searched a couple rolls and gave up. Until recently I finally got my first box of circulated penny’s and spent yesterday and today searching for about 6-8 hours in total and found these.

    *13 wheat cents not bad

    1951, 1939, 1956-D ,1958-D, 1946, 1958, 1952, 1951-D, 1944, 1946, 1 older one ( no date ), 1956-D, 1950-D

    6 Canadians (1 was an ender)
    1972, 1967, 1991, 1986, 1978, 1988.

    Counter stamped ( Free mason )!
    never thought I would find one of these.

    2 dimes
    12 Bi-centennials (2009)

    2 roller lines/marks error?
    (Reverse is normal)

    And last 2016 potential error?
    Any feedback on this coin would be appreciated!

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  3. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red Supporter! Supporter

    Glad you finally got a box of circulated cents lol
    You had fun and found some cool coins. Congrats.
    The counter stamped was a neat find.
  4. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red Supporter! Supporter

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  5. GH#75

    GH#75 Trying to get 8 hours of sleep in 4. . .

    Take better pictures of the 2016 please, It might be a struck-thru which would be a cool find.
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  6. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red Supporter! Supporter

    Here are a few from my Galaxy phone.
    Aidens gonna post a few others from his phone as well.

    20220212_150309.jpg 20220212_150312.jpg 20220212_150324.jpg
  7. AidenAlexander

    AidenAlexander Well-Known Member

  8. GH#75

    GH#75 Trying to get 8 hours of sleep in 4. . .

    Looks like damage because it is seen on the obv and the rev whereas in a struck-thru you should only be able to see it on one side. It is an interesting find though. You did pretty good though, I've never found a free masons counterstamp.
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  9. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    @AidenAlexander your dad wins, as far as photos go. Not that you were in competition or anything. LOL

    The 2016 appears to be damage, in my opinion. If it was just the reverse, I'd think it was possibly a strike through, but damage on both sides indicates PMG done by a person, IMO.

    Keep on searching.

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  10. AidenAlexander

    AidenAlexander Well-Known Member

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