Post your “splurge” buy coin that you bought recently.

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Morgandude11, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. Morgandude11

    Morgandude11 As long as it's Silver, I'm listening

    Okay, I decided to treat myself to a nice Christmas present. I bought this Barber 1911 MS 63 PCGS Half, even though I don’t normally collect Barbers that expensive. It was beautiful, so I took the plunge.

    7AD1D99C-FAF6-476F-B41F-1A4E2EFF839D.jpeg 33C11933-1E0D-4430-94A3-012DC69EFB78.jpeg
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    KBBPLL Well-Known Member

    My biggest splurge was a couple years ago, my profile pic, not US though. But every coin is a splurge these days for me! My most recent also a Barber, but nothing that special.
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  4. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 U.S Casual Collector / Error Collector

    Merry Xmas everyone!! Again.:wacky:
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  5. alurid

    alurid Well-Known Member

    My splurge for 2021. 1899-P, VAM-6
    99 (2).jpg 99 (1).jpg
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  6. Millard

    Millard Coindog

    posted this one before in latest acq's..but this was my big Christmas splurge. 1881 CC Morgan Dollar obv.jpg 1881 CC Morgan Dollar rev.jpg
  7. delila1

    delila1 Undermedicated psychiatric patient

    E7030A9E-E369-4D13-A45A-DD99072CF840.jpeg CD626CD2-16D0-4433-BC5B-18E24E25798E.jpeg
    Just purchased days ago couldn’t resist it looked to be trying to save money but hey You don’t see these things cross your path very often
  8. ToughCOINS

    ToughCOINS Dealer Member Moderator

  9. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . .

  10. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red Supporter! Supporter

    I splurged on this one this Christmas

    20211213_124658.jpg 20211213_215723.jpg
  11. Captain Sully

    Captain Sully Active Member

    Good Morning.
    Please tell me how you can verify a coin advertised to be a VAM? I can only find a list, but some I have seen say they are VAM without COA or something that should prove it. I don't buy them because of these thoughts in my military head
  12. Morgandude11

    Morgandude11 As long as it's Silver, I'm listening

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  13. schnickelfritz48

    schnickelfritz48 Well-Known Member

    This date and mint mark don't come along too often without having been tooled, mishandled, or abused in some way. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. 1856-S Half  #1.jpg 1856-S Half  #2.jpg
  14. Joshua Lemons

    Joshua Lemons Well-Known Member Supporter

  15. robec

    robec Junior Member

  16. alurid

    alurid Well-Known Member

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  17. Millard

    Millard Coindog

    My photos just don't do justice to how much the fields reflect. Not graded yet but if I could get 65 DMPL I'd be ecstatic.
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  18. Marsden

    Marsden Well-Known Member

    Wow, you guys have picked up a slew of coins that are right up my alley.

    Few coins look better than a high-grade Barber IMHO.
    And few coins look worse than a low-grade one. Which is to say, I fully understand.

    I tried and can't get a photo to show my best PL Morgan to advantage.. Obviously the pros know things I don't. In hand this one presents a dramatic contrast between (frosty) device and (reflective) fields but the pics? Meh.


    Of course, PCGS didn't see much in it either. 65 with no DMPL, no Cameo, no nothing. Anyway not a splurge coin.
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  19. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    I don't splurge in US coins any more, but the last time I did, it was for this.

    Worth every cent (or euro) that I paid for it.

    1794 S-45 - THESE ARE THE BEST PHOTOS - OBV:REV .png
  20. okbustchaser

    okbustchaser I may be old but I still appreciate a pretty bust Supporter

  21. Marsden

    Marsden Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Such stuff as dreams are made on...
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