Perpetrators of major theft in Canada nearly caught, but not quite.

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    This loss almost certainly amounts to millions of dollars.

    Please keep eyes peeled for merchandise offered that fits the below loss profile, and bear in mind that this is a partial listing, bound to be updated with more items soon.


    Offense: Theft
    Investigating Agency: Kingston PD
    Incident location: Kingston,Ontario


    Dealer Pieter Liem of the Coin and Currency Exchange was the victim of a theft after leaving the recent Nuphilex Coin & Stamp show in Montreal, Canada on 11/5/23. The victim stopped in Kingston, Ontario and suspect/suspects removed several bags from his vehicle. The stolen bags were tracked to an apartment in Montreal but trackers were disabled shortly before authorities arrived. It is believed the suspect/suspects and stolen inventory is in the Montreal/Quebec area. The investigation is on-going and further details will follow.

    Partial list of stolen inventory:

    10 ounces of gold in RCM coins
    Emirates gold one ounce bar
    Platinum 1/10th oz-1oz set
    400 one ounce silver bullets
    19 2-ounce silver bullets
    4- 5-ounce silver bullets
    2-10-ounce silver bullets
    500- 1-ouce silver coins ( maples, ASE, Pandas, Kangaroos, Kookaburras, Libertads)
    60 sets 1 cent-$1 from 1961-67 in hard plastic holders
    300-500 graded bank notes
    1969 Specimen $20 bill with Serial #1
    Devils Face $1000 PCGS 53
    Various Chartered Banknotes

    Large number of slabbed World Bank notes Indonesia, Bahamas, Netherlands, France, England, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland, Timor

    U.S. currency $85,000 including several mint packs of $5, $10 and $20's

    Canadian currency $30,000

    Key date Morgan and Peace dollars and many other coins

    Anyone with information contact:

    Doug Davis


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    Numismatic Crime Information Center | P.O. Box 14080, Arlington, TX 76094


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