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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Coinfan, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Coinfan

    Coinfan Go Big or Go Home**

    Hi everyone. Check out the link below and let me know your thoughts as it seems more and more of these type of dealers are cropping up. Do these guys give Coin Dealers a bad rep or not? Your educated opinons please. Thanks in advance.

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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    $600 for 4 coins that are worth less than $100 combined and some stamps ?

    If they don't give dealers a bad name then I don't know what would.
  4. borgovan

    borgovan Supporter**

    Wow. That's some pretty blatant overpricing.
  5. Coinfan

    Coinfan Go Big or Go Home**

    Really is. I actually took the time to write them an email asking justification for the pricing. Ending my email with the statement: As you already know, a fool and his money are soon parted. I care about the collecting community, I wished everyone did.
    Thanks for your support and we need to warn the newbees on sites like these and others.

    Coinfan Cares!
  6. onecenter

    onecenter Member

    Extremely overpriced, both the stamps and the coins.
  7. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    PCS Stamps and Coins = Postal Commemorative Society = Danbury Mint. They have been in business since 1970...and emplyee about 700 people. They are extremely reputable. The coins they sell are arranged for presentation as a casual collectible. Personally I like their covers...and anything that they develop...rather than simply repackaged coins. DM has marketed some nice medallics in the past...and they currently make some of the best diecast model cars on the market....with tons of devoted fans.
  8. zekeguzz

    zekeguzz lmc freak

    This company may be reputable but then why don't they show you everything that comes with their sets i.e. LEWIS & CLARK set says three commemorative coins. At most they show two coins but to me it looks like they're just one coin obverse and reverse. Where are the other two.
    Sacagewea coins, they don't show the case the set comes with.
    I'd be leary to buy anything from them. Prices too high too.
  9. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    I think that set has the gold plated commem dollar, a sacagawea dollar, and maybe some type of relevant modern coin.

    PCS focuses on direct mail with full detail brochures just like they have been doing for almost 40 yrs. The website has extremely vague info. The only thing on there I liked was the Sacagawea first day of issue coin cover. Because the steel engraved cachet is the same design as that used for the first day Susan B issued in 79.

    Also the presidential Inaugural folio has a neat custom minted bronze medal in it.

    PCS has stunning customer service and they gladly accept returns.

  10. hontonai

    hontonai Registered Contrarian

    How long have you been an owner and/or employee?
  11. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    I have been a customer and collector since 1989..of the Franklin Mint too.

  12. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    It would seem they cater to the same folks that buy from the TV Coin shows.

    Guess it's no different than seeing a 1GB memory stick for $3 and then another brand at the same store selling a 1GB memory stick for $20.
  13. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    Perhaps, but unlike the shop at home stuff. PCS/DM/MBI actually spends a lot more developing their product. They have a full line, including some very fine diecast cars and sculptures...which can cost $100,000+ to develop. They have cachet and panel type coin programs too...some are boring, but some have nice artwork etc....

    Shop at home usually does nothing but apply a tacky color image, gold plate, or simply offer the coin plain...for a high price.

  14. coinman0456

    coinman0456 Coin Collector

    they are nothing more than the same scammers that hawk coins on the networks or cable. It's not difficult to find a reputable dealer.
  15. Grahm

    Grahm Member

    I have to admit that when I first started back in coin collecting, (2006) I did buy a gold coin from a coin show on tv. Even then I knew I was probably paying a little too much for the coin however, they allowed me to make payments for the coin and now it is in the safe deposit box at the bank and the value is now above water. If one bought all their coins that way it would not be the best long term value. Now, I am glad I have the coin. It is either a 2 1/2 or 5 dollar liberty gold dollar, about 1882 I think.
  16. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    PCS sells only via direct response brochure mailings. Others like Morgan Mint do the TV stuff. PCS develops a real product unlike the others.

  17. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    Well the might be good for die cast cars, but from what I can see the coins are a ripoff. And yes you can have great customer service and provide an overpriced product that the un-initiated does not understand. And if you are happy using them please continue - but I think if you used some good dealers you would realize you can beat the prices. And personally I would not buy from either. Just my opinion.
  18. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    Its not about the coin. I collect the presentation...the product developed by the company. For them that includes: covers, panels, folios, medallica replicas of coins...some of which are stunning, medals, ingots etc. The newer items rarely show up on the secondary market. PCS did the Disney ingots...they never show up at dealers. Plus I want the series new shipped to my house, freshly made. I don't really buy coins for them when they aren't part of another package. I am more into exonumia. Hence a dealer can't compete. Sure if you want just Morgan dollars then a dealer would be much better than buy the Morgan panel series from PCS.

    And being expensive doesnt = ripoff. They aren't forcing anyone to buy. The TV marketers are somewhat sleasy..such as talking about rare presidential dollars. But PCS/Danbury Mint does not advertise like that. They are a real company with a huge product development and design staff. I support any company that employees more than 1000 american workers.

  19. Georgia

    Georgia New Member


    I don't consider them overpriced based on experience and expectation.

    Overall, I wanted to provide something to the kids when they become of responsible age and enter or attempt to get them to enter the coin and stamp collecting world.

    I have the 50 quarter set, The 50 quarter raised/ Gold and Silver Set and working on the Presidential Dollar set. The overall setup with the binders raised with high quality along with the historical brief is outstanding when educating the up and coming younger generation. Overall, a great teaching tool for young adults and new Numismatics.

    Onto other items. If you want to puchase large collectible that involved grading, full background, etc., then PCS or any other mail order group would be out of the question.

    Just my 2 cents.:smile
  20. mkwelbornjr

    mkwelbornjr Junior Member

    Yes. I agree with you 100%. I like them for the presentation. I love the classic cachets that PCS develops. i.e. FDC service and Norman Rockwell. The Historic Stamps of America have been an ongoing PCS program since 1978...the covers still have that classic 70's styling. I love it!

    And Danbury Mint just shipped me the first shipment in the Presidential Silver Medals. Stunning proof quality 1-ounce silver. Just like a classic 70's private mint program.

  21. PersianGuy

    PersianGuy my.will.is.good

    I enjoy the PCGS and NGC registries the most, they allow you to organize your collection online, as well as share and compete for top spots in different series/types. There are even regular awards given out!

    So for me (if) the price is higher, I'm not so concerned.

    just my two cents...
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