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  1. lettow

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    PCGS Currency and ICG (International Currency Grading) have announced a partnership for ICG to grade world notes. The following quote is from Jaime Sanz, one of the principals at ICG:

    The grading standards used by the two firms will be already familiar to collectors. “The market-based grading standards developed by PCGS Currency more than a decade ago are the standards of the industry, and they are closely aligned with the grading guidelines of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) which most world collectors have used for decades” says Mr. Sanz. “Paper money collectors and dealers around the world are comfortable with these standards, and the consistent and accurate application of these grading principles is the primary focus of our partnership. Anyone who buys or sells paper money will be able to trust that the entire combined expertise of our two companies comes together in the evaluation of every note that we grade.”

    The PCGS standards are anything but closely aligned to the PCGS standards. Mr. Sanz, a frequent poster on the IBNS discussion board, should be aware that collectors outside the US frequently ridicule the grading standards employed by the US TPGs.
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  3. techwriter

    techwriter Well-Known Member

    Appears to be a good deal for all concerned, especially collectors.
  4. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    Is the partnership agreement with ICG and PCGS-Currency owned by Jason Bradford, or ICG and PCGS-Currency owned by Collectors Universe ?
  5. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    Never mind......I saw the thread over at PCGS
  6. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Motor City Car Capital

    Pcgs does not own pcgs currency .
    Pcgs just leases the name to the owner of pcgs currency .

    Did you get all of that ?
  7. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    Maybe you are unaware of PCGS grading banknotes in Asia.......sure looks like PCGS to me.http://www.pcgsasia.com/article/pcg...te-sells-five-times-pre-auction-estimate?l=en

    It's mentioned in this thread.https://forums.collectors.com/messageview.aspx?catid=23&threadid=947127&enterthread=y

    And now on eBay; http://www.ebay.com/itm/United-Stat...734233?hash=item3f6133f359:g:V-IAAOSwqbZXEfwD
  8. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Motor City Car Capital

    Maybe someone else will chime in, but that company was sold about 10 years ago to a woman and they moved the company to Illinois .

    Remember, PCGs still own the name ....
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  9. Numbers

    Numbers Senior Member

    That's not "PCGS Currency". That's "PCGS Banknote Grading". Totally different companies, confusingly enough. The former is a separate company that licenses the PCGS name but is otherwise unrelated; the latter is a service offered by the PCGS that grades coins.
  10. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Motor City Car Capital

    Even the American company ( PCGS Currency ) is not owned by PCGS ( Coins ) ..
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