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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Owle, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Just human nature. People are more likely to take the time and make a statement if they are pee'd off and want to vent.
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    The only time I have an issue with this is when lying and fraud come into play. For me (and the United States of America) there is a big difference between someone saying that a coin is only worth x when it is not, and someone saying that they will only give you x.
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  4. Owle

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    "In a lot of different situations it has been my experience that people go much farther out of their way to complain rather then praise. I find those ratings more accurate for a lunch restaurant then much else.
    Just human nature. People are more likely to take the time and make a statement if they are pee'd off and want to vent."

    That's all true, and why not too many numismatic sellers get the right type of advice in the ebay forums; the people for some reason are the most crabby around.

    Also the young who are the most adept with electronic devices have less capital to spend on numismatics, etc., than elders who are very unlikely to go online for reviews or to leave reviews.
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    There is nothing wrong with that. The same dealers who have risk their own money and time just to make some money.
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    The one way auction house are the ones terrible. Not the dealers. These auction houses takes no risk at all and gets a fee whether the coin sells or not
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    I very seldom buy coins in person at shows or at LCS’s, because I have come to realize that the markups are almost always significantly higher that what I could get the same coin for online. Since my collecting interests aren’t very specialized, I am able to find good material online at low markups. I have occasionally paid up for coins at shows with a bit more eye appeal along the lines of what @ToughCOINS is describing. That is the value proposition of paying a dealer’s markup. If it’s something hard to find, the dealer can name their price and a person who wants it has the choice of either paying the asking price or not ever owning a similar item. From my limited observation at shows, it appears that dealers offering that type of material are the most successful. However, if I want a circulated Indian cent or a common date MS64 Morgan, I’m better off finding one online.
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    If a dealer offers to buy a coin from me for X price, I get to say yes or no. He may not even want the coin because he may not have a market for it or he may already have a safe full of the same coins. You can't pay much for something you can't sell.

    If a dealer offers to sell a coin to me for X price, I get to say yes or no. He may have more in the coin than I'm willing to pay. This is common and will never change.

    When dealing with coins only worth a dollar or so, the dealer needs to double his money to make it worth the time. Dollar coins don't keep the doors open.

    It's my fault when I don't know when to say yes or no.
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